Yamaha YSL 640 Trombone Review

Yamaha YSL 640 trombone review

Yamaha YSL 640 Trombone

BIG Rating

The Yamaha YSL 640 trombone is one of the major intermediate trombones that can actually suit professional players to some extent. Its design is very unique and in fact, the trombone offers a number of additional features that you wouldn’t normally find in other intermediate trombones.

With a continuous taper bell that improves intonation and consistency in all registers, a durable nickel silver hand slide, and an impressive sensitive response, the Yamaha YSL 640 trombone is perhaps the best intermediate trombone in the market at the moment.

The Yamaha YSL 640 trombone gets a BIG 5 stars and tops our list of the best intermediate trombones.

  • Features
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The Yamaha YSL 640 trombone has a number of quality features some of which are only exclusive to it alone. The following are the main features of the trombone that make it the number one pick for intermediate players all round the world:

  • Features a continuous taper bell section designed to improve intonation in all registers.
  • The trombone has a quick and durable hand slide that offers a highly sensitive response.
  • The outer slide has an innovative design due to which the resonance is one of the best in the trombone market.
  • ​The tabular braces are designed with chrome plated nickel silver for better slide stability and durability.
  • The 8.5” bell is fused by a high energy laser to ensure smooth continuous vibrations all the time.
  • There is also the innovative slide lock feature present on all Yamaha trombones that prevents the hand slide from falling off.
  • Has unique bracing guards made of nickel silver to protect against damage in case the hand slide or the trombone falls off.
  • The F attachment has a large rotor that makes it easy for the player to transition from Bb to F.

Overview of the Yamaha YSL 640 Trombone

Good Playing Experience with Added Features

Although it is very expensive, it offers outstanding services, a good playing experience and a wide range of added bonus features. There are so many trombones you can buy as an intermediate player but even then, it’s really difficult, if not impossible, to find a quality trombone that can match the superiority and advanced features of the Yamaha YSL 640 Trombone.

Mastering the Features

Although it will take some time before you can master its different superior features, once you have managed to move past this the Yamaha YSL 640 Trombone will offer an outstanding playing experience. The trombone is very easy to play and hold especially for a relatively less experienced player. Offers a unique mouthpiece with a specialized acoustic design giving the player better control in blowing and intonation.


  • It’s not only durable but also very light and easy to play.
  • Offers a continuous taper bell that simply ensures the perfect intonation in all registers.
  • The bore measures 525” which is very reasonable for an intermediate player as far as tone generation is concerned.
  • Offers have a slide lock which prevents the hand slide from falling off.
  • Comes with a unique mouthpiece designed with a special acoustic feature.


  • Making the transition from a beginner to an intermediate player might be a little tough with this trombone.

Customer Reviews

Excellent experience...

‘’To begin, I shopped for a new Tbone for over a year. I play various styles and wanted something versatile, something that would respond to my playing. I must say, the Yamaha YSL-640 has lived up to the Yamaha hype. From intonation to its weight, I have been extremely pleased. Excellent Trombone/Excellent Experience.’’

YamahaYSL 640 a big hit!

‘’I'm an old hand who finally came around to the modern world. I've played vintage horns for years. I finally broke down and after much thought and ado settled on this horn. Why? Because I figured it was versatile to all my types of playing from jazz to symphonic etc. AND, it is in spades. It has a wonderful sound and is very responsive in all registers. It blows easy. I would not use this horn as a lead horn in a jazz ensemble, it is too mellow for that use. If you want to make 'em weep, this is it. As you can tell, I love this horn.’’


The Yamaha YSL 640 Trombone is one of the major intermediate trombones for a number of good reasons. When you look at the sound quality, durability, and overall playability, it is very difficult to find another option in the market that matches the Yamaha YSL 640 Trombone. If you feel you want a high quality trombone that gives the best value for your money, it’s really a good idea to consider the Yamaha YSL 640 Trombone. It is definitely one of the best intermediate trombones you can buy at this very moment.


The Yamaha YSL 640 is definitely worth 5 stars based on the quality and features offered.

BIG Rating