Yamaha YSL 354 Trombone Review

Trombone Yamaha YSL 354

Yamaha YSL 354 Trombone

BIG Rating

The Yamaha YSL 354 Trombone is the ultimate beginner trombone that really sets a benchmark for student trombones. The YSL 354 is known for easy play and great sound quality.

The YSL 354 has great tone generation, sound resonance and an overall rich and complete sound.  A high quality student instrument, the YSL 354 will last well past high school.

The Yamaha YSL 354 gets a BIG 5.0 stars and tops our list of the best student trombones.​

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The Yamaha YSL 354 Trombone is a master class of a trombone and when you look at the innovative features it comes with, it’s really not difficult to see why. The following are some of the major features of the trombone to look out for:

  • It has a 500” Bore for easy and better tone generation.
  • Very responsive and offers accurate sound intonation.
  • The inner slide is chrome plated yellow brass which is durable and sensitive.
  • ​The sound resonance is just impeccable.
  • Designed with the same technology as other pro Yamaha trombones.
  • Features nickel silver tabular braces that give the slide additional stability.
  • Comes with a unique slide lock design that ensures the slide doesn’t fall off aimlessly.
  • Weight distribution is very good making the trombone easy to hold.
  • Comes with a mouthpiece and carrying case.
  • The tubes are perfectly rounded allowing better airflow, less resistance and outstanding durability.

Overview of the Yamaha YSL 354 Trombone

Great Design and Outstanding Sound

For quite some time now the Yamaha YSL 354 Trombone has been a very popular student trombone and even though it is expensive, one thing that remains very clear is the amazing playability it offers beginner players. With quality tone generation, a strong design and outstanding sound, the Yamaha YSL 354 Trombone is perhaps the best beginner trombone available. If you can afford it, you won't be disappointed by this trombone.

High Quality Trombone

The tone generation, the sound resonance and the overall rich and complete sound makes it the perfect choice for players looking for a high quality trombone. In addition to this, the Yamaha YSL 354 Trombone will give you service for so many years. It doesn’t matter whether the players are in middle school or high school; the trombone is designed to withstand any form of wear.


  • The weight is evenly distributed across the whole trombone so that first time players can hold it in place easily.
  • The trombone also has tabular braces made from nickel silver which simply add to the slides stability.
  • Easy to hold and so easy to play at the same time.
  • The tubes are well rounded to ensure proper flow of air.
  • The trombone has a unique slide lock feature that keeps the slide in place.


  • One of the most expensive trombones for students.

Yamaha YSL 354 Trombone Video Review

Curious what the Yamaha YSL 354 sounds like? Give it a listen in this review by Dawkes Music in the video below.

Customer Reviews

Amazing Starter Trombone!

This has been the best trombone I have played I've only played it for a year, but with it, I have moved up from my high school Concert band (aka lowest level of band) to Wind Ensemble (aka highest level of band) in a year and a half. It is a great trombone and I suggest it to any beginning student who is looking for a great starter trombone.

Awesome Trombone...

I've had this trombone for almost a year now. It’s one good trombone, although I've had no experience with other trombones, I could almost match the sound of my instructor. I finished up beginner band about two and a half months ago, I am now going to 7th grade and becoming 1st chair symphonic (aka the highest level of band in my school) and I plan to be in jazz band with it.

Lasts for quite some time!...

I bought this trombone is the middle of my 8th grade year. Currently, im a sophomore in high school and while it is not the best trombone man has ever made, it still does the job! The tone, slide, and range all have never failed me due to the trombone's inability to play. As long as you maintain it, this will last you a long time!

Expensive But Worth It

The main draw back of the Yamaha YSL 354 is cost. It is one of the most expensive student trombones.  But in the case of the Yamaha YSL 354, you do get what you pay for.  The YSL 354 is very well made and many use the trombone through middle school and high school.

If you are considering a less expensive trombone for a new student, bear in mind you may need to purchase a second, better quality instrument once they reach high school.  So if you have a student who you think will stick with the trombone you may be better off just getting a better instrument, like the Yamaha YSL 354, to start.  

Another benefit of the Yamaha YSL 354 is re-sale value.  Yamaha is a trusted brand you'll be able to easily sell the YSL 354 should your child lose interest in playing. All-in-all, the Yamaha YSL 354 trombone may not be as expensive in the long-run as it first seems.


Finding a trombone that has no shortcoming is nearly impossible but one trombone that comes close for a student instrument is the Yamaha YSL 354 Trombone. Although you will need to dig deep into your pocket to purchase it, the trombone offers the best value in terms of playability and durability.

It is creatively designed to suit any beginner. If you have the money, this is one of the best trombones available and it will definitely give you a lot of value. Make sure you seriously consider it when shopping for a new student trombone.

The Yamaha YSL 354 is best in class for student trombones and deserves a BIG 5 stars!

BIG Rating