Yamaha YPC-32 Piccolo Review

Yamaha YPC-32 Piccolo

Yamaha YPC-32 Piccolo

The Yamaha YPC-32 piccolo is a popular choice for the marching band student and made BIG's list of top rated piccolos. Yamaha is a well-established and highly regarded company in the world of music. The company manufactures many quality instruments, including piccolos.

Yamaha's well-deserved reputation, however, comes with a higher price. Quality upgrades, and the excellent intonation and accuracy of the YPC-32 justifies its cost.

You can find a pre-owned Yamaha YPC-32 at a more reasonable price, even if the piccolo has to pay a visit to your local repair shop. This piccolo is a good fit for the serious, marching-band student.

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  • Silver-plated Headjoint  aids in intonation
  • ABS Resin Body Material tough enough for marching band
  • Conical Bore provides sound power
  • Concave Contoured Keys teach figure accuracy
  • Ribbed Key Posts for strength and accurate key action
  • Double Bladder Pads provide longevity
  • Split-E Mechanism produces a clearer and more stable high E
  • Stainless Steel Springs aid in durability
  • Hard Shell Case & Cleaning Rod help protect and maintain your investment

Yamaha YPC-32 Piccolo Overview

Versatile Piccolo for Concert and Marching Band

The Yamaha YPC-32 is a favorite among band students and those picking up a second instrument. The body is made of a low-maintenance and durable ABS resin, manufactured acoustically to mimic the sound of wood piccolos. Acoustical accuracy combines with wear resistant construction to make the YPC-32 ideal for both concert and marching band performances.

Perfect Piccolo for the Serious Student

I would consider buying this piccolo for the more serious student that you can predict will use this piccolo into high school years (or guilt into!). Yamaha has taken steps to upgrade this piccolo in springs, pads, and quality materials in its body. Yamaha instruments in general have a reputation for longevity, so even if your wallet doesn’t allow a brand-new Yamaha piccolo, you can most likely find a quality used one. Yamahas seem to stand the test of time.


  • Concave contoured keys: precise finger position
  • ABS resin body is very durable
  • Longer life pads and durable stainless steel springs
  • Features a quality tone, perfect for performance situations
  • Greater body strength and accurate key action


  • Pricey for a brand new student level piccolo
  • ​If buying used may have to make a trip to the repair shop for adjustments and replacement of pads and springs.

Yamaha YPC-32 Piccolo Sound Check

You can get a sense of the sound quality of the Yamaha YPC-32 piccolo in the video demonstration below. 

Customer Reviews

So much sound in such a tiny instrument...

This is the first piccolo I've ever owned, I play flute and decided to try playing piccolo, and I'm loving it. Very good sound, a little expensive though.

Great for marching band! But a bit pricey…

I have been playing for a couple of years now and its been great! But recently my director has been letting me use a Gemeinhardt 4P piccolo and the tone is so much nicer! I would recommend this Yamaha piccolo for marching band because it produces a great sound! But if you are looking for better tone quality I would choose the Gemeinhardt 4P.

I Love It!

I love this tiny little flute! I also play the alto flute and i recommend to play it before the Piccolo. I plays great but can hurt cat's ears, so be sure to put your cat away! Although, a lot harder than the alto flute. This little instrument in a little case is amazing and I will play it forever!

Quality Piccolo But Pricey for a Student Instrument

The number one concern about the Yamaha YPC-32 is its cost. Like I’ve addressed before, sometimes you get what you pay for, but if you are looking for a quality student-level piccolo that has a reputation for durability as well as acoustic accuracy, buying this Yamaha used might be the right way to go.


Yamaha instruments are highly regarded by students, teachers and professionals alike. The Yamaha Company has been around for many years, taking pride in its accuracy in intonation, superior quality and technological designs. The student-level Yamaha YPC-32 is no exception. While expensive your student will have an easier time learning finger accuracy through its specially designed concave keys, and the conical bore only enhances this piccolo’s accurate intonation and projection of sound. The durable and, thus, more costly materials used in this piccolo are well worth the cost. The Yamaha YPC-32's durable construction makes them ideal for guarding against the wear and tear of marching band.

Based on overall quality the Yamaha YPC-32 is hard to beat and gets a BIG 4.5 stars!

BIG Rating