Yamaha Xeno Trombone (YSL 882O) Review

Yamaha Xeno trombone YSL 882

Yamaha Xeno trombone

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The Yamaha Xeno Trombone (YSL 882O) is one of the leading professional trombones in the market. The trombone is regarded by many professional players as the best orchestra trombone and quite rightly so, it offers a powerful and rich sound to complement its superior build and outstanding durability.

If you are looking for perfection in a professional trombone, the Yamaha Xeno Trombone (YSL 882O) is perhaps one of the very few options available at the moment. It features a uniquely narrow slide and a 547” bore with a compact wrap F attachment. This simply works so well in delivering impeccable sound.

The Yamaha Xeno Trombone gets a BIG 5 stars and makes our list of the best professional trombones.

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The Yamaha Xeno Trombone (YSL 882O) is endowed with a number of high quality features. From the innovative design to the powerful sound qualities, you can never go wrong with this top rated brand. Here are some of the features of the Yamaha Xeno Trombone (YSL 882O):

  • The slide is relatively narrow making it easier for different players to slide it quicker and accurately.
  • The slide crook has been rounded for better playing and reduced resistance.
  • ​The trombone’s weight has been remarkably counterbalanced to ensure it feels light for all professional players.
  • The Trombone’s Rotor paddle can also be adjusted to suit the comfort and custom needs of different players.
  • It also has a slide lock feature that is basically designed to ensure the slide remains intact reducing the chances of damage remarkably.
  • With a newly designed case, it is also easy to move around the trombone and of course you get a quality Yamaha mouthpiece.
  • The bell is massively improved and offers impeccable sound projection.

Overview of the Yamaha Xeno Trombone (YSL 882O)

Quality Design

The trombone is designed with the help of top orchestras around the world and is actually one of the most high end trombones produced by Yamaha. When you consider that there are very few trombones that can match the qualities showcased by this Yamaha brand, you may want to give it a try.

The Yamaha Xeno Trombone (YSL 882O) is one of the few professional trombones that has done a remarkable job with counterbalancing the overall weight. The playing experience this instrument offers is simply second to none.

Symphonic and Vibrant Sound

Designed with the assistance of top professionals, including Pittsburgh Symphony Principal Trombonist Peter Sullivan, the Yamaha YSL-882O Xeno Series F Attachment Trombone features a heavier gauge brass and a thick-walled, one-piece brazed bell which has been hand-hammered thousands of times for the ultimate in a big orchestral sound.

The open-wrap F section gives a free-blowing response and the entire instrument has an evenness and balance you have to experience to believe. The tone is flexible with myriad tonal colors, and gives you both powerful projection at fortissimo and subtle control in the most delicate passages.


  • The unique design makes the Yamaha Xeno Trombone (YSL 882) a very strong and durable brand.
  • The slide lock is one innovative feature that makes sure the trombone slide stays in place.
  • The standard rotor on the F attachment can also be easily adjusted to suit the preferences of different players.
  • Offers a newly designed carrying case and also a standard mouthpiece.
  • The narrow and light slide makes it easier for you to play.


  • The trombone is very expensive and you will really need to spend some cash in order to get it.

Customer Reviews

Near-Perfect Concert Horn

‘’The trombone looks solid. Its sturdy and resists dings and water spotting quite well (compared to my old horn, anyway). There's a few different metals used here. You can notice up close, but I can't tell too much from far away. The bell's metal is a little different in order to provide better sound quality.

I didn't purchase mine from Amazon, so I can't give the exact optional contents. Mine came with everything I need. But if yours doesn't come with everything, I'd recommend getting a microfiber and a polishing cloth to keep it in pristine condition.’’

Exceptional Horn - Exceptional Experience

‘’This trombone is beautiful. I have had this instrument for about four years now and it remains a favorite. The open wrap design keeps the F trigger notes in tune, and with little extra backpressure. The mechanical linkage is reliable and comfortable (you can adjust the thumb paddle if desired). The bell resonates very nicely, particularly in the mid to upper register.

The included Yamaha slide cream and spray bottle are both designed with this horn in mind and, with proper care, create a frictionless slide experience for years. The case is durable and compact, which makes it easy to carry but restricts the materials you can store in it (I hold cleaning supplies, lubricant, the small spray bottle, and a tuner/metronome. That's all the room available).’’


If you need a high quality trombone with some of the major features anyone would love in a professional trombone the Yamaha Xeno Trombone (YSL 882) will definitely rank as the most ideal choice. The trombone is not only simple but offers one of the best sounds in the market.

Although the cost is of course very high, the Yamaha Xeno Trombone (YSL 882) is perhaps the best trombone out there for a seasoned professional player or any player who has recently graduated from intermediate to pro. Don’t forget to at least take a look at everything it has to offer before your next purchase.


Based on overall quality and value, definitely worth 5 stars.

BIG Rating