Sky Piccolo Review

sky piccolo

Sky Student Piccolo

The price of the Sky Piccolo may catch your eye and make you wonder “what’s the catch?” Well, for this budget student piccolo you can probably count on things like its tone being a little flat and a lack of durability in its refined parts. I would think this not an instrument for the long term, however, the Sky Student Piccolo does have its place in the piccolo market.

In general if you need a piccolo for the marching brand, or are someone picking up a second instrument for fun, this pic might be for you! The Sky Piccolo’s low prices will justify the purchase and will be good enough!

BIG Rating


The Sky Piccolo has a silver-plated body with gold-plated keys. Sky includes with your purchase a hard case, joint grease, cleaning rod and cleaning cloth.

  • Silver Plated Body
  • Gold Plated Keys
  • Hard Case with velvet lining
  • Cleaning Rod & Cloth
  • Easy high notes with strong deep, rich penetrating sound
  • Specifications
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 3 x 1.5 inches
  • Stainless Steel Springs
  • Key of C and footjoint C
  • Felt Pads
  • ​Precision drawn tone holes

Sky Piccolo Overview

The Sky Piccolo is inexpensive, durable and built tough. Its nickel-silver body is less likely to get accidental dings and dents, and is well suited for the marching field.

Mass manufacturing of instruments has allowed people, who are interested but unsure, to try their hand at new instruments. The use of stainless steel springs, economical alloys, and drawn tone holes, as used in the Sky Piccolo, allow for quality instruments to be produced for less.

Stainless steel springs are used commonly in student and intermediate piccolos for durability and key playing precision. Other alloy springs are suited for the professional player, who has a high technical piece of music that only a skilled hand could play. Fine alloy springs only frustrates the beginner player.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy high notes with strong deep, rich penetrating sound
  • Good for marching band, second instrument or hobbyist


  • Lack of Longevity
  • Felt pads may need replacing​
  • ​Pinky key stiff
  • ​Sound is a bit flat and airy

Customer Reviews

Was very impressed, for a discount product with such a low price, it is very nice!

Good sound. Band teacher was also impressed, asked me where I got it, and yes, I shared that info 🙂

This is a wonderful piccolo to begin with...

I've been playing flute for three years now and I've been looking for something new but something easy to learn within a day I could play songs and several different pitches and speeds with no problems!

It was OK for last 6~8 month and started to go out of tune...

It was OK for 100 dollars. We played it enough.

Sometimes Good Enough is Good Enough

The Sky Piccolo does have some drawbacks, but this should be expected from an inexpensive instrument. The felt pads reportedly are prone to coming off, but you can have them replaced inexpensively at your local instrument specialty shop. Key stiffness is sometimes a complaint but with a little time and “breaking-in,” you might find the problem cured. Some reviewers of the instrument report an “airy” sound but this is common among those new to playing the piccolo.  The short length of the piccolo makes it more sensitive and less tolerant than the flute and requires an increase in breath support. Once you've mastered the proper breathing technique, the Sky Piccolo should deliver just fine.


Overall, if you have that whimsical child, who one afternoon decides he wants to play the piccolo, or a student that needs a piccolo for marching band or would just like to try a second instrument, the Sky Piccolo may be a good place to start your piccolo adventure.

Based on overall quality and customer satisfaction, BIG gives the Sky Piccolo 4.0 stars, although the average customer on Amazon rates the instrument slightly higher at 4.3 stars.

BIG Rating