[Review] Yamaha SB5XC Silent Brass System For Trombone

Yamaha SB5XC Silent Brass System review

Yamaha SB5XC Silent Brass System

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The evolution of music technology over the last few years has led to the production of innovative silent brass products. This has brought a whole new experience in brass based music instruments for quite some years now. The Yamaha SB5XC Silent Brass System is perhaps one of the most popular and advanced silent brass system designed for trombones.

So how good is the Yamaha SB5XC Silent Brass System? Well, here is the full review including its features and some of the benefits it offers trombone players.

  • Features
  • Specifications
The Yamaha SB5XC Silent Brass trombone delivers impeccable value by combining a series of notable features all specially designed to offer you the most realistic playing experience. Here are some of the major features associated with this trombone:

  • Offers dramatic sound reduction especially compared to other brands in the market.
  • Simply remarkable sound quality – it’s realistic and very natural.
  • ​Comes with a unique audio input designed for people who want to practice while recording. Also an audio output included for performances.
  • Very light and easy to carry around wherever you are performing or practicing.
  • Pitch that the trombone produces is quite good.
  • Easy to install and can also be used to play with additional music or sound effects.

Overview of the Yamaha SB5XC Silent Brass System

Unique Technology

The system is designed with the unique brass resonance modeling technology to deliver an amazing and realistic trombone experience for any one. The system can allow you to play and practice the trombone in silence without too much hassle. It is basically designed to fit into the bell of a brass instrument and can really go a long way in reducing sound and at the same time deliver a realistic playing experience.

Quality Brass System

In case you are looking for a quality silent brass system, you can rest assured that the Yamaha SB5XC Silent Brass System won’t let you down. In addition to this, the system’s portability is very commendable. Whether you are using it for a tour or a practice session outdoors, you will be happy to carry this system around quite easily without too much stress. The system is not only effective in eliminating sound but also delivers a realistic sound experience that is second to none.


  • The system offers outstanding sound reduction. This simply gives you an opportunity to practice or play in peace.
  • The system is extremely light even with its 9 volt battery.
  • Designed to offer you sound reduction and versatility at the same time.
  • The sound pitch and consistency is also a cut above the rest.


  • Lots of wires involved which can make it look messy.

Customer Reviews

He was very pleased!

‘’I purchased this as a gift for my adult son who plays trombone, yet has small children he does not want to disturb! He was very pleased!’’

Worth every penny!

‘’So the only complaint I have with this item are the included headphones. However; even with the ones included, the sound is amazing. It barely sounds like you have a mute in the bell at all when played through the system. On top of that you can barely hear the horn being played when it's in place.

Seriously, if you're living in a place where you can't play whenever you want, this is an superb buy. 9.5/10.’’

Silent brass works great...

I love this thing. I can practice any time and don't get complaints from any neighbors in my apartment building.


The Yamaha SB5XC Silent Brass System is definitely a topnotch silent brass system and it would really work for so many different players out there. Once you buy the Yamaha SB5XC Silent Brass System, you can easily fit it to the bell of any trombone and start playing. However, you will need some time to master it.

Ultimately though, the Yamaha SB5XC Silent Brass System offers the best value for money and even if you will be spending a little extra on it, looking at the features it comes with there is no reason why you shouldn’t. It is definitely a highly recommended silent brass system for any trombone player. 

Based on overall quality and value this definitely gets 4.7 stars.

BIG Rating

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