[Review] Just How Good is the Tromba Trombone?

Tromba trombone plastic

Tromba trombone

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The Tromba Trombone is one of the major plastic trombones offering players a unique and low cost alternative to brass trombones. The trombone is designed purely with plastic and comes with a 500” bore and an 8.5” bell. The trombone offers consistent quality sound, it’s very precise, and also light for easy playability.

If you are looking for a topnotch plastic trombone that won’t disappoint, the Tromba trombone is simply perfect for you. Here is the full Tromba trombone review, its major features and of course some pros and cons.

  • Features
  • Specifications

The Tromba Trombone is endowed with a number of innovative features all of which are carefully developed to offer you the most ideal playing experience. The following are some of the main features:

  • Made from high quality ABS, it is relatively stronger and durable compared to other plastic trombones in the market.
  • The trombone has also been ultrasonically welded in all respects to strengthen its performance and increase durability.
  • Comes with a carrying case and a plastic 12 C mouthpiece but can also accept any small shank.
  • ​The weight is well-balanced to make the trombone extremely light for ease of playing and quality responses.
  • The slides are constructed using strong fiberglass to offer a durable and quick response for players.
  • Features an innovative slide ring that is designed to ensure the slide remains intact during any performance.

Overview of the Tromba Trombone

Quality Design if You Are On a Budget

The quality design for the Tromba trombone has made it a very ideal choice for most budget buyers but how good is it? Can it compare with some of the major brass brands in the market? Well to be fair there is so much the Tromba Trombone brings to the table but even then, it may fall short in some respects compared to brass trombones. However, not everyone can afford a brass trombone and as such, it is a very good option for players.

Innovative Construction

The sound quality is very good and in fact it actually matches some of the top brass trombones in the market at the moment. Additionally, the innovative construction used on the trombone offers better strength and durability especially for a plastic trombone. In addition to great sound, the durability the trombone offers is also quite good. The high grade ABS used to build the trombone ensures you get good service for a long time and the fiberglass hand slide will not disappoint.


  • High quality sound.
  • The 8.5” bell ensures you get a versatile symphonic sound with the 500” bore making intonation remarkable.
  • Offers potential players a low-cost and highly affordable option to get impeccable sound quality.
  • An innovative slide lock ring that prevents the fiberglass slide from falling off.
  • Comes with a carrying case and a 12 C plastic mouthpiece.


  • Although for a plastic trombone the Tromba Trombone has done well to offer reasonable durability, it is still nowhere near the strength brass trombones offer.

Customer Reviews

Amazing sound for the material and price!...

‘’It isn't quite the same as a metal instrument, but it sounds darn good! So lightweight that my daughter with scoliosis has no problem carrying it back and forth to school daily.’’


The Tromba Trombone is a low cost trombone that comes with so many good benefits. While it is of course not as good as the big name brass trombones out there, for students and other players who cannot afford the high end trombones the Tromba Trombone will surely come handy. The only challenge is that you will need to handle it very carefully. Other than that, the trombone should be a serious consideration for anyone. Remember you also get a quality carrying case and a plastic mouth piece as part of the low cost so it’s really good value for money. The Tromba Trombone is definitely highly recommended for any player whether a beginner or a professional.


Based on the innovative construction and design, it is worth 5 stars.

BIG Rating

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