Prelude TB711 Trombone Review

Prelude TB711 Trombone for beginners

Prelude TB711 Trombone

BIG Rating

The Prelude TB711 Trombone is a contemporary trombone that is designed with the student in mind. It is perfectly positioned to help students and beginners learn the trombone and it’s not only easy to play but also offers an assortment of impeccable features.

The trombone is also one of the most durable options in the market making it ideal for beginners. The price is also very accessible and overall, it is a very good option for students.

The Prelude TB711 earns a BIG 4.3 stars and makes our lists of the best student trombones.

  • Features
  • Specifications

Prelude TB711 Trombone has unique and innovative features that make up its overall design, performance, and functionality. Here are some of the major features associated with the trombone:

  • Features a 509” bore for the best tone generation
  • 8” yellow brass bell for quality tone
  • Offers the perfect resonance and tone projection
  • The bracing is strong and sturdy to withstand anything
  • The finish is very durable and attractive
  • Complete case and mouth piece included
  • The hand slide is made of nickel silver for strength and ease of movement
  • Very easy to play and master
  • The hand slide is lighter and easy to slide

Prelude TB711 Trombone Overview

A Durable, Quality Trombone

Whether you are looking for a trombone that can withstand wear and tear or perhaps a trombone that gives you high quality tone generation, the Prelude TB711 Trombone simply has it all. It comes with a case and an additional mouth piece and a complete starter kit to help you learn the trombone and progress with ease.


  • The tone generation is very admirable
  • The 509” bore makes it easier for first time players to generate a quality tone
  • The resonance and the projection of the tone is a notch above the rest
  • Cost is also very reasonable
  • The durable finish is completed with a strong bracing to ensure the trombone withstands any form of wear and tear
  • The ease of playing is not that bad especially when you consider the hand slide is relatively lighter.
  • You also get a sturdy plastic case and a mouthpiece all for the same price


  • The 12C mouthpiece may feel smaller to some people which can affect the tone

Customer Reviews

Great Trombone for the Price...

I got this for my 11 year old son. He was previously using a trombone on lone from his school. This model was recommended by the band instructor as a quality instrument at a reasonable price. So far, we are very pleased and the soft case is much lighter to carry than the hard plastic cases.


My 11 year old son is currently in the 6th grade band and plays the Euphonium Baritone. He became extremely excited about playing the trombone as the school year went on, and wanted to switch for next year. His band instructor said he really needed Euphonium players for next year and suggested he take trombone lessons outside of school. We decided to fuel our son's fire and invest in a trombone. I sent the band instructor a copy of the link for the Bach Prelude TB711--he said it was a great horn, so we bought one. It came with a really cool soft, padded back-pack style case. It also came with a Starter Kit and Tuner. We are extremely happy with our purchase!! My son played it for about 3 hours when it arrived-Oh the sound of music.


It arrived before expected which was great. Beautiful trombone and we love the case that comes with it.

Comparison to Other Student Trombones

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Prelude TB711 Trombone



Getzen 351 Trombone



In case you are not sold on the Prelude TB711 Trombone there are a lot of options available. If you are looking for something similar to the Prelude trombone at a more reasonable price, you might check out  the Etude ETB-100 Student Trombone. The Etude ETB-100 is cheaper and offers similar performance, tone generation quality, and durability as the prelude trombone.  You can read our full review of the Etude ETB-100 here.

For beginner players who want superior features and advanced quality, the Getzen 351 Student Trombone is a great option. It offers better tone generation, it’s easy to play, and is equally durable. You will need to spend a little more on it though but it is a very solid option. You can read our full review of the Getzen 351 trombone here.


There are so many trombones in the market today but the Prelude TB711 Trombone has done well to set itself apart. Of course you can get better trombones but they will cost you more. However, the Prelude TB711 Trombone is perfect for the beginner player and the student. The overall ease of playing, quality tone generation, consistency, and resonance make it a perfect pick to learn and play. 

The 12C mouthpiece that comes with the TB711 trombone is reportedly a little small and you may want to replace it with a larger one.  Overall the performance of the trombone is excellent and it is relatively inexpensive. The Prelude TB711 Trombone gives you an opportunity to learn and play the trombone without stretching your budget. It is highly recommended especially for beginners and students.

Based on tone and sound quality, the Prelude TB711 Trombone gets a well-deserved 4.3 stars.

BIG Rating