Pearl PFP-105E Piccolo Review

Pearl PFP105E piccolo

Pearl PFP105E Piccolo

The Pearl PFP105E piccolo flat out rocks and is BIG's highest rated intermediate level piccolo!

What’s different about this piccolo than other piccolos is its Grenaditte composite body and its high wave head joint. It comes with some bells and whistles, like a split-E mech, Pearls pinless key mechanism and pointed key arms.

This piccolo is sold as an intermediate level instrument but it rivals many professional pics at a fraction of the cost! The PFP-105E is perfect for marching or concert band and is equally at home in an orchestra.

BIG Rating


The Pearl PFP-105E stands out in its body composition, easy to blow headjoint, and quality upgrades.

  • Grenaditte Composite Body
  • High Wave Bulb Head Joint
  • Silver-plated keys and Pinless Mechanism
  • Conical Bore
  • French Pointed Arms
  • Precise Center Range
  • French Case and Cover

Pearl PFP-105E Piccolo Overview

Grenaditte composite body delivers the sound of Grenadilla without the worries of wood!

The Grenaditte composite body is made to resemble the sound of a Grenadilla Blackwood but with none of the disadvantages. What are the disadvantages of the well sought after Grenadilla Blackwood? Well, wood in general is sensitive to temperature changes. Wooden piccolo bodies have been reported cracking with transitioning from sudden indoor playing to outdoor playing. But, with the invention of grenaditte, the player can have the benefits of a woodsy sounding piccolo while reaping the benefits of durable plastic. Definitely an advantage for the student band player.

High Wave headjoint simply sounds better.

Although straight headjoints are known to be easier to play, the High Wave Bulb Head Joint produces a better quality sound and a more precise tone. An experienced or advancing flutist should not have too many problems adjusting to the high wave headjoint.

Versatile Piccolo that Rocks Indoors and Outdoors!

This versatile piccolo is ideal for those who play both indoors and outdoors. It meets the needs of marching band, produces a strong, precise tone in any environment and blends well with woodwinds and strings in concert band.


  • Sound quality similar to Grenadilla wood
  • Great Indoors and Outdoors
  • Precise Tonal Center Range
  • Very Affordable


  • Adjustment to High Wave Head Joint

Gareth McLearnon on the Pearl 105E Piccolo

Professional flutist Gareth McLearnon discuss the benefits of the Pearl PFP-105E piccolo flute, as well as the PFP-165E, in this video demonstration.

Customer Reviews

I review a lot of instruments here on BIG and the Pearl PFP-105E piccolo has some of the best and most consistent customer reviews I've seen for any instrument!  Owner's of the PFP-105E just can't say enough good things about this piccolo, like these happy customers....

Lovin' the Piccolo

Pearl has found a great niche with this instrument. I don't think any other piccolos in this price range deliver this quality. As on all pearl instruments, the intonation is great, and the key work is light and comfortable. But unlike their flutes, which to me feel a bit light and dainty, the piccolo feels sturdy and has a nice weight. I have used mine for recording so far, with very good results. The full range of the instrument is satisfying; the lows are round and smooth, and the highs not to shrill. I have played more flute than piccolo, and the Pearl made for an easy transition, as piccolos are more temperamental than flutes.

Good value, good craftsmanship...

This piccolo looks, feels and plays/sounds like wood, but since it's grenaditte it's much sturdier. Conical bore, pointed key arms. You may find the embouchure configuration a little strange, but it plays very well from the low D thru the highest Bb. (I cannot get the high B nor C.) I tried this instrument against a professional friend's set of Haynes and other costly (up to $5K) piccolos; there was not that much difference in tone, intonation and responsiveness. Bottom line: this is a good bet.

I love my Pearl PFP-105E Piccolo!

This piccolo is a doubler's delight! If you can't play this instrument, you can't play piccolo! The wing head joint is very well designed and makes this instrument a breeze to play. I've owned more than 6 piccolos looking for something that's user friendly to play in theater pit orchestras and this one is the bomb! I actually enjoy playing piccolo now! Doubling is no longer an issue! If you have to play piccolo and and you're struggling with your progress, buy it! Problem solved.


The Pearl PFP-105E is an excellent intermediate level piccolo. Pearl launched the 105E in 2006 to meet customers’ demands of a piccolo that has versatility, durability, and precise tone at a reasonable price. As a result, this piccolo produces a powerful, woodsy sound that can be played in the outdoors as well as indoors without the worries of the body cracking. This intermediate piccolo is easy to play and was meant to impress! You won’t be disappointed with your purchase of the Pearl PFP-105E.

The excellent quality and reasonable price of the Pearl PFP105E piccolo flute garner a BIG rating of 5.0 stars!

BIG Rating