LJ Hutchen Alto Saxophone Review

The LJ Hutchen alto saxophone is a highly rated student alto saxophone. The company traded in non-essential features for price, keeping it aesthetically attractive and beginner friendly.

This alto sax features yellow brass, lacquered body, blue steel springs, high quality pads and specially shaped pinky keys to accommodate little fingers. This affordable saxophone receives excellent reviews.

The LJ Hutchen Alto Saxophone makes BIG's list of the best student alto saxophones and gets a BIG 4.3 stars.

BIG Rating


  • Heavy Duty Brace - prevents misalignment
  • Ergonomic Thumb Rest - designed for weight alleviation and hand comfort
  • Ergonomic Pinky Keys - accommodate young hands
  • Durable Pads - Specially treated pads for durability
  • Specifications
  • Level: Student
  • Key: Eb (E-Flat) with high F#
  • Body Material: Yellow Brass
  • Key Buttons: Plastic
  • Key Finish: Nickel-plating
  • Body Finish: Clear baked epoxy lacquer
  • Tone Holes: Drawn
  • Auxiliary Keys: Front F
  • Spring Type: Blue Steel
  • Pad Type: Waterproof leather, woven felt, domed metal resonator, cardboard backing
  • Thumb Hook: Adjustable metal
  • ​Pivot Screw: Straight-tapered, headed
  • Mounting: Post-rib construction

LJ Hutchen Alto Saxophone Overview

LJ Hutchen Company continually makes strides in constructing an excellent student-level instrument at an affordable price. The company recognizes the needs of student-level players and builds an alto sax to accommodate players with young hands (…and their abuse!). The LJ Hutchen alto sax has sturdy blue steel springs, waterproof leather, and plastic key buttons; this is one solid alto saxophone!


  • Customers love this alto saxophone
  • Sturdy
  • Quality Student-Level Alto Sax


  • Intonation is not perfect
  • Weight

LJ Hutchen Alto Saxophone Video Review

Customer Reviews

This sax plays excellent.

I would recommend it to anyone who wants to buy a nice sax at an affordable price. It looks really nice and does not look or sound cheap at all. This sax has been working out perfectly during the time I've been using it. I just encountered a little problem and had to contact Customer Service for the problem to be solved. It was a wonderful experience; very nice people and they really care about their customers. The problem was solved fast so they shipped the sax fast too. I'm very satisfied with this product and Customer Service too. If you really want to buy a new affordable sax, i would go for this brand. It has been a great experience."

...Inexpensive and excellent quality.

I purchased this saxophone three weeks ago. I have a musical history in accordion, piano, and violin. As instruments go, this is by far a great (and affordable) instrument to pick up. I really enjoy the sound quality. As far as the instrument construction goes, the pads are all proportionally sized, properly spaced, and form good seals. This is the chief concern for saxophones as air leaks are fatal for the sax. Great instrument. It couldn't be more pleasing to the ear or eye!"

Is There a Downside to the LJ Hutchen Alto Saxophone?

There are some hefty student alto saxes out there, and this one leans toward the heavier side. LJ Hutchen uses sturdy but weighty materials for their alto sax, so it can take the hits from the less-than-careful student. As far as intonation is concerned, no band conductor expects to hear accurate intonation at the beginners’ level, and even with the most expensive models, a beginner will find it next to impossible to create an exact tone. What a good conductor looks for, is a beginner to find the joy of making music and for the student to want to continue with their endeavor.


The LJ Hutchen alto saxophone is a great beginner’s alto sax. LJ Hutchen braced this student-sax’s keys, made thumb rests adjustable, and specially treated key pads for durability, making this one solid instrument! This alto saxophone is not only child friendly, but wallet friendly as well, and with the numerous accolades this sax receives, I would have no qualms buying the LJ Hutchen alto saxophone!

The LJ Hutchen Alto Saxophone gets a BIG 4.3 stars and is highly recommended.

BIG Rating

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