LeBlanc Vito Clarinet (7214) Review

Vito clarinet

Vito clarinet

BIG Rating

The Vito 7214 clarinet is designed specifically for the beginner student. Vito's Positive Radial Alignment Guide (P.R.A.G.) and unique in-line Jump Trill Keys help students with finger placement and proper alignment on the clarinet.

The Vito 7214 is known to hold up like iron and comes with an equally strong case; great for the youngsters.

The Vito 7214 makes BIG's list of top rated student clarinets with a BIG 4.3 star rating!


  • In-line Jump Trill Keys assists with beginner’s keywork
  • Nickel-plated Keys resist tarnish
  • Bore: 14.85 mm (.584") - easy for beginners’ breathing
  • P.R.A.G. System - assists with finger alignment
  • Specifications
  • Key: B♭
  • Key mechanism: 17 key, 6 ring
  • Body material: Resin plastic with high-gloss finish
  • Pad cup style: Conical
  • Mouthpiece: Vito II 2540P

LeBlanc Vito Clarinet Overview

Designed to be easy for young students to play.

The LeBlanc Vito 7214 clarinet features keys designed to help young players in proper finger placement and its nickel-plated mechanisms won’t easily bend. The plastic body is extremely durable and mimics the sound of a wood clarinet. The medium large bore helps the student produce a precise sound, and the P.R.A.G. System facilitates proper alignment of the clarinet’s sections.

Very versatile clarinet for indoor and outdoor play.

Although this is a student model, this beginner’s clarinet may last your child well beyond the expectations of a cheaper clarinet. The plastic body allows outdoor playing as well as indoor band concerts, and some have mentioned advanced student playing environments, like Jazz Band. The sound has been noted as producing a nice resonant woodsy sound. This is a great versatile clarinet!

Adjustable keys to suit advancing clarinestist.

The Vito 7214 is rugged and dependable. The keywork is very durable for a plastic instrument and is unlikely to bend or break with normal playing. And, once the clarinetist has advanced beyond the beginning stages, he or she can have the spring tension and height of the keys adjusted by a technician. If you think your young clarinetist’s pursuit is more than a transitory thought, it may be well worth your time and a little more money to invest in this instrument.


  • Durable
  • Student friendly design
  • Affordable


  • ​Tuning not as precise as more expensive competitors

Leblanc Vito Clarinet Demonstration

Renown clarinetist Julian Bliss provides and overview and demonstrates the sound quality of the LeBlanc Vito 7214 clarinet.

Customer Reviews

...excellent choice for a plastic clarinet

I have been playing clarinet for some 30 years and also teach private lessons. I've owned a Vito 7214 clarinet for 20 years. The Vito is an excellent choice for any clarinetist looking for a plastic clarinet. Unfailingly rugged and dependable, the key work is perhaps the most durable ever made for a plastic instrument--it is not likely to ever bend or break even if not given the best of care. Any repair technician will gladly work on a Vito if it ever needs service. And, once the clarinetist has advanced beyond the beginning stages, he or she can have the spring tension and height of the keys adjusted by a technician--since the instrument's keys are so strong, the instrument will stay fine-tuned to perfection. The Vito is no longer the very best plastic clarinet one can get--the tuning of the Vito 7214 is not as accurate as that of a Yamaha YCL-250 or Buffet B12, and the Vito also comes with a mouthpiece that is not of good quality. But, the Vito costs less than the Yamaha, is more durable than the Buffet, and the mouthpiece can be inexpensively replaced with something much better, such as the Fobes Debut. You can buy a Vito with the confidence of knowing that unless it gets stolen or run over by a school bus, you'll never need to buy another plastic clarinet.

Met my expectations...

The clarinet [Vito 7214] lived up to its advertising.

Highly recommend

[…]It plays beautifully and loud. I would recommend this to any student playing the clarinet.

Good mid-range student clarinet.

Although Vito is consider one of the higher quality student clarinets, its accuracy in tone seems to be noted and only topped by Yamaha and Buffet (at a higher price, of course!). Most school aged band conductors are not concerned about intonation accuracy at this level and are more concerned with keeping a child’s interest in the band. The easier the clarinet is for a child to play, the more likely they will love playing it. The ruggedness and ease of play of this instrument will outlast inexpensive competitors, making the Vito 7214 clarinet a better value.


If you’re looking for value without sacrificing quality, the Vito 7214 might be the clarinet for you. Vito has tried to alleviate some of the challenges of a beginner clarinetist by having the clarinet’s design work hard for young students, instead of young students working hard for the clarinet.  

Vito’s unique ergonomics and durability, make the Vito 7214 a great instrument for the beginner clarinetist and deserving of a BIG 4.3 stars!

BIG Rating