King 3B (2103) Legend Trombone Review

King 3B (2103) Legend Trombone Review

King 3B (2103) Legend Trombone

BIG Rating

The King 3B (2103) Legend Trombone is one of the most affordable professional trombones on the market.

The trombone can be traced back to 1894 and since then, the King 3B (2103) Legend Trombone has grown immensely to become one of the worlds most advanced and highly sought after professional grade trombone.

The slide is finer, quick, and very sturdy so that it’s easy for you to control the sound and intonation without so much effort.

The King 3B Legend gets a BIG 5 stars and makes our list of the best professional trombones.​

  • Features
  • Specifications

The King 3B (2103) Legend Trombone comes with a number of top quality features that have contributed immensely to make it one of the major trombones in the market. The following are some of the major features of the trombone to keep in mind:

  • Features a .508” bore and a unique outer hand slide that offers excellent and quick tone generation and response.
  • The durability of the trombone is also worth noting and will last you for many years.
  • Perfect for studio recording and jazz performances.
  • Offers perfect, clear, and responsive sound.
  • The most ideal professional trombone for lead players.
  • The bell features a unique taper and you can choose either gold, sterling silver, gold brass or yellow.
  • The hand slide is really light and offers a quick response.
  • The trombone is easy and very fun to play.

Overview of the King 3B (2103) Legend Trombone

Offers a Unique Sound

The King 2103 Legend 3B trombone is primarily used in studio recordings and Jazz bands but even then, if you master it well you can play any gig. The trombone comes with a 508” bore, and offers a clear, unique, and outstanding sound. Besides, if you are looking for a trombone that you can use and enjoy playing for a very long time, this has got to be the perfect choice for you.

For Professional Trombone Players

In case you are advancing from an intermediate player to a professional player, this is one of the few trombones that can help you get started in a professional setting. What makes the King 3B (2103) Legend Trombone very interesting is simply the fact that it delivers some of the best professional trombone features at a very reasonable price. It offers good value especially when you consider that not many professional trombones are cost effective.


  • Affordable high end professional trombone.
  • Perfect for jazz bands and any studio recordings.
  • The sound quality is unique.
  • The hand slide is quick and very light to keep tone clarity at its best.
  • The quick hand slide offers the perfect opportunity for players to produce a vibrant and consistent sound in any gig.


  • The narrow slide can be an issue for less experienced players.

King 2103 Legend 3B Trombone Sound Check

Luis Leon provides a demo of what the King 2103 Legend 3B Trombone sounds like...and it sounds pretty darn good!

Customer Reviews


‘’This horn is amazing, granite I’ve been playing my olds since 6th grade and it's pretty beat up, but out of all the other horns I’ve ever played on this one has the best slide action, a perfect pop to it, and with the right practice hits the high partials with ease, I can slot the 2nd Eb above the staff as a partial, which has always been a problem past the c/d partial. I highly recommend this horn to any serious jazz player.’’


Although you can buy other highly advanced trombones, the King 3B (2103) Legend Trombone gets full marks for the outstanding mix of value and cost. One of the major reasons why the trombone is very popular is based on the fact that it offers almost the same superiority in sound and playability as other major top end brands. Other than that, the trombone is durable, the resonance and sound clarity is impeccable, and of course it is perfect for jazz and studio recordings.

If you are in the market looking for a professional trombone simply designed for the budget buyer, this is one of the most serious options you can consider. Besides, you wouldn’t really find high end professional trombones that cost in this price range. In that case, make sure you take a look at the King 3B Legend trombone.

Based on the superiority, the King 3B Legend definitely deserves a 5 star rating.

BIG Rating