Jupiter 301S Piccolo Review

Jupiter 301S Piccolo

Jupiter 301S Piccolo

The Jupiter 301S Piccolo is one of the most popular student piccolos worldwide and made BIG's list of top rated piccolos!

If you have a student piccolo player, who is transitioning from concert band to marching band, the Jupiter 301S Piccolo might be a great place to start. This student-level piccolo is known for its projection and penetrating sound, a feature necessary for outdoor playing.

This mighty piccolo might also be up for consideration, when the band instructor informs your student that he has enough flutists and is need of piccolo players. And, yes- you guessed it, your child was handpicked for the challenge of a new instrument!

BIG Rating


The Jupiter 301S piccolo projects well with a silver plated head and body offering a sound that is strong and penetrating. This piccolo is very durable and ideal for the marching field!

  • Specifications
  • ​Silver-plated headjoint, body & keys
  • Conical Bore
  • Closed hole (Plateau) keys
  • Y arms
  • Key of C
  • ​Includes: ABS molded case & cleaning rod

Jupiter 301S Piccolo Overview

Conical Bore vs. Cylindrical Bore

One of the specifications, and as I see it, benefits of the Jupiter 301S is it has a conical bore. What's the difference between a conical and cylindrical bore? A piccolo with a cylindrical bore has a consistent tube diameter throughout the instrument until you get to the bell section at the end where it flairs out. A conical bore piccolo gets narrower towards the lower end, greatly improving on the piccolo’s intonation and projection.

Once upon a time, a student piccolo could only be found in a cylindrical bore, because it was expensive to make conical ones. Therefore, no parent would part with their hard earned money for a student who might decide in the end the piccolo isn’t for him! But through technological advances, piccolos can now be made with a conical bore in a more economical and efficient way, making this piccolo ideal for student players.

Inexpensive, Easy to Upgrade 

One of the biggest benefits of the Jupiter 301S is the low cost of this powerful piccolo. Jupiter may use some cheaper materials to help keep cost down, namely less expensive pads and springs, but when needed, these can be easily replaced at your local repair shop.


  • ​Ideal for Marching Band
  • Perfect For Flute Player transitioning to Piccolo
  • Rich Warm Tone
  • Powerful projection
  • Conical bore standard


  • The silver on silver-plated instruments have been known to wear away over time
  • ​May not be suited for extreme environments where a resin body may be a better fit
  • ​Cheaper materials may be used to reduce its price

What Does the Jupiter 301S Piccolo Sound Like?

Susan from Flutastic provides a nice demonstration of the low and high register of the Jupiter 301S piccolo.  Give it a listen.

Customer Reviews

This is a great piccolo!

I am very impressed with the tone and make of this beautiful instrument and it is a very reasonable price. It is not too shrill, the upper registers are fairly easy to reach and it is very easy to switch between flute and piccolo. I have had my piccolo for just over a year now and have not had any trouble with it at all. I would recommend it to anyone as it is a suitable first piccolo or for someone wanting to upgrade their piccolo (as I did!)

Very happy with this choice...

Finally, after much research, bought this piccolo for my son age 11. He was able to play it right from start, easy transition from flute. He is entering NYSMMA (ny state music competition) with this instrument after only a month of practice. Very happy with this choice...

This piccolo is simply outstanding.

It's easy to play and produces a quality projected sound. This piccolo sets the standard for other piccolos to follow...I highly recommend this instrument, such a pleasure to play.


The Jupiter 301S is one of the most popular student piccolos. This piccolo is made with silver-plated nickel, making the 301S durable; a wise choice for outdoor playing. Its conical bore, which comes standard, produces a strong penetrating sound necessary for marching band. And, the best part, due to advancements in technology, this solid piccolo comes in at an inexpensive price. Ideal for the emerging marching band student!

BIG Rating