Haynes HAPI Piccolo Review

Haynes HAPI piccolo

Haynes HAPI Piccolo

The Haynes HAPI is a professional piccolo. Haynes instruments are revered worldwide and are widely known to bring out the very best musical performance from instrumentalists of all levels and for this makes BIG's list of top rated professional piccolos.

Haynes spares no expense to achieve the best quality for the price range, including the Haynes HAPI piccolo. The head joint and body are made out of sterling silver, as well as the keys and mechanisms, bringing brilliance and a solid three-octave range.

This all metal piccolo is an excellent choice for playing outdoors and is the piccolo of choice of many military marching band players.

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This piccolo features a sterling silver headjoint, body and keys. Known for a warm, focused intonation and a solid response, sterling silver is heavier than the other materials often used, making it the preferred choice for intermediate and professional piccolo players, who are play outdoors.

  • Sterling silver construction provides durability for outdoor playing
  • Handcrafted to ensure highest quality
  • Lip-plate is comfortable and aids transition from flute

Haynes HAPI Piccolo Overview

The HAPI Solid Silver Piccolo has a brilliant tone, quick response, and even intonation throughout the entire dynamic range from Pianissimo to fortissimo. This piccolo features a sterling silver headjoint, body, and keys. Recognized for its rich sound, its blending ability, and for the solidity of its three-octave range, this wonderful instrument is fitted with solid silver keys and mechanisms.

Easy to hit all three octaves.

Piccolos are highly nuanced and precise instruments. The slightest defect or misalignment can alter the performance of a piccolo. Reaching the highest and lowest registers are a common concern amongst piccolo players, but is not the case with the Haynes HAPI piccolo. Owners of this piccolo boast about the solid registers this piccolo can consistently achieve.


  • Head joint and Body in Sterling Silver
  • Well suited for Military Band
  • Haynes quality workmanship


  • Price​
  • Availability

Customer Reviews

I am quite satisfied...

...plus it is quite sweet and got a few compliments on it. I genuinely enjoyed this Haynes HAPI Solid Silver Piccolo.

...absolutely brilliant

This is an absolutely brilliant Haynes HAPI Solid Silver Piccolo


The Haynes HAPI is recognized for its rich, brilliant sound, quick response, and for its solidity in its three-octave range. Crafted in the Haynes tradition, this piccolo’s quality, longevity, and even intonation, from pianissimo (quiet tone) to fortissimo (intense tone), will not disappoint. 

Haynes HAPI piccolo warrants a BIG 4.5 stars with high marks for craftsmanship and overall quality and a slight deduction for price.

BIG Rating