Getzen 525F Trombone Review

review on Getzen 525F trombone

Getzen 525F Trombone

BIG Rating

Finding a top quality intermediate trombone is never an easy task despite the massive diversity of options to choose from. The most important thing though is to find a trombone that gives you a unique mix of durability, easy playability, and additional bonus features to enhance your experience.

Although very few trombones hit all these marks, the Getzen 525F Trombone is one of the few that does. The trombone is simply a high end instrument and right from design to playability, it offers nothing short of perfection.

The Getzen 525F gets a BIG 4.5 stars and makes our list of the best intermediate trombones.

  • Features
  • Specifications

The Getzen 525F Trombone is endowed with a number of advanced and superior features that make it a high profile trombone for intermediate players. The following are some of the major features of this trombone:

  • Features a .525” and .547” dual bore with an F attachment to offer the best tone generation.
  • The sound resonance has greatly improved compared to other brands in the market.
  • ​Features an 8.5” rose brass bell.
  • ​The trombone comes with a strong case and a mouthpiece.
  • The hand slide is very light for easy playability.
  • Features the unique standard wrap F attachment.
  • The design is strong and perfectly durable for the ordinary player.
  • Outstanding versatility to cater for every player and every playing style.
  • It’s easy and fun to play for both intermediate and even beginners.

Overview of the Getzen 525F Trombone

Lighter and Easy to Hold

The trombone comes with a .525” and .547” dual bore with an F attachment for the best tone generation. It is lighter, easy to hold, and offers very good value for money. The Getzen 525F Trombone is perhaps one of the two or three trombones in the market that are near flawless and even though it’s expensive, it is by far one of the best intermediate trombones available.

Impeccable Playing Experience

The Getzen 525F Trombone is definitely a cut above the rest in the trombone market. The unique features it delivers and the impeccable playing experience simply add together to ensure you get only the best. So in case you haven’t made the decision yet on which intermediate trombone to go for, considering the Getzen 525F Trombone will definitely be a very good start.


Make sure you budget accordingly. The Getzen 525F Trombone is not that cheap in fact, it is among some of the most expensive intermediate trombones in the market. For people who wouldn’t feel the need to spend that kind of money there are cheaper trombones that do the job. However, if the only thing that counts when it comes to trombones is excellence in playability sound or design, the Getzen 525F Trombone will not let you down.


  • The F attachment is one unique feature to look out for.
  • The sound resonance has been greatly improved.
  • Offers a vibrant, responsive quality sound.
  • The hand slide is extremely light.
  • The versatility the trombone offers is impeccable.


  • Fairly costly for an intermediate trombone.

Customer Reviews

All-around good trombone, good to step up to....

‘’This is an awesome trombone for either a high school sophomore or junior to "step up to." The dual bore lets you play the third or bass trombone parts with a rich, full tone. It allows you scream the high notes in lead Latin and jazz parts. The midrage sound is also excellent letting you blend in perfectly with the rest of your concert band or wind ensemble. In addition, the slide action (when properly taken care of, of course) is as smooth and quick as any. The F attachment is also great to have.’’

Great Step up model...

‘’I agree with Tony from Minnesota (to get another view & review of this fine instrument) about many qualities about this well made and priced brand and model. The only issue I have had is with the timbre on certain notes with the F attachment (thus the 4 stars). I have played a few different brands (Conn, Jupiter, Getzen 1047, and a Shires-large bore, with F attachment), and I would have to rate this a good step up model before plunking down hard earned cash on an advanced model.’’


The Getzen 525F Trombone gets full marks in almost every department. When you look at the sound quality the trombone gets a 10/10 and the same is also true for the playability. The trombone offers the best value for money and as such, it is one of the most ideal options you can go for. From the versatile 525” and 547” dual bore to the improved sound resonance and the 8.5” bell, everything about the Getzen 525F Trombone is just exceptional. It is a very good option to consider and perhaps even buy if you can afford it.


Based on the quality of the sound, the Getzen 525F trombone gets a BIG 4.5 stars.

BIG Rating