Getzen 351 Trombone Review

Getzen 351 trombone student trombone

Getzen 351 Trombone

BIG Rating

The Getzen 351 trombone is one of the major and remarkably superior student grade trombones in the market. It comes with a number of amazing features and for some time now the trombone has remained among the top two or three beginner trombones in the market.

The construction technique is almost the same as the one used in the premium Getzen custom series trombones. This means that the overall design is simply world class.

The Getzen 351 trombone gets a BIG 5.0 stars and makes our list of the best student trombones.

  • Features

The Getzen 351 Series Student Trombone as you can imagine has a lot of features and being one of the major student grade trombones, you can be sure it has a lot to offer. The following are some of the notable features of the trombone:

  • Medium sized 500” bore to help first time players generate the perfect tone
  • Slide made of chrome plated nickel silver for better durability and ease of performance
  • 8” yellow bell
  • ​Comes with a carrying case and a 12C mouth piece
  • Very sturdy and strong design for long term use
  • Simple to get started and play even for first timers
  • Extremely light compared to other student grade trombones in the market

Overview of the Getzen 351 Trombone

Durable and Quality Beyond your Expectations

The Getzen 351 trombone is an high quality instrument that is also very durable. The slide is made of Nickel Silver and chrome plated to ensure it will last for many years. If you are looking for a quality student trombone that delivers beyond your expectations, the Getzen 351 Series Student Trombone will definitely delivery.

Designed for First Time Players

The trombone is simply designed for the first time player who is looking for a very good trombone. In addition to this, you get a strong case to carry your trombone and also a 12C mouth piece. Putting the price aside, it is very obvious that the Getzen 351 Series Student Trombone is definitely one of the best trombones you can get at the moment. Although you can still find cheaper student trombones, you will definitely have trouble finding better ones than the Getzen 351 Series Student Trombone.


  • The trombone has combined playability and durability.
  • The 500” medium size bore makes it easier for first time players to generate a quality tone.
  • The slide tubes are made of chrome plated nickel silver meaning they are strong and very durable.
  • Very good tone projection.
  • It comes with a case and a mouthpiece as part of the overall package.
  • The trombone is also very light.


  • Cost

Customer Reviews

My First Trombone... and my Favorite!

‘’I've had this trombone for about five and a half years. I love it. I have moved up from this to a Bach and then up to a Conn 88HKCL, which I currently play. I love my Conn, but when marching season comes around, I know I'll be playing my baby. She's even been stepped on, and still plays like the first day I got her. The nickel plated slide only has one little tiny dent that I can't even feel. I'm in love with this trombone.’’


The Getzen 351 Series Student Trombone is a high end and top quality trombone and if you don’t mind the price, you will definitely find outstanding value in it. The easy top notch tone generation and projection, durability and easy playing are some of the general attributes that rally sets the Getzen 351 Series Student Trombone apart from so many other student grade trombones in the market. It is a very serious product to consider if you want a durable and top quality student grade or beginner trombone.


Based on the durability and the quality of the tone, the Getzen 351 trombone deserves a BIG 5.0 stars.

BIG Rating