Gemeinhardt 4W Piccolo Review

Gemeinhardt 4W piccolo

Gemeinhardt 4W Piccolo

The Gemeinhardt 4W is an all Grenadilla Wood Piccolo that produces the warm, traditional sound an orchestral piccolo is expected to produce. This piccolo is meant for advancing piccolo students and doublers (piccolo and flute players) moving up to conservatory level playing or even in semi-professional settings.

In these situations, a piccolo made out of wood is your best option; it is designed to blend with the other instruments of the orchestra, not stand out.

The projection, tonal quality, and reasonable price of the Gemeinhardt 4W piccolo earn it a spot on BIG's list of top professional piccolos and a BIG 5.0 stars!

BIG Rating


The Grenadilla wood head and body brings the tonal sound that is expected in symphony and orchestral settings. Gemeinhardt also takes measures to add Beryllium Copper Springs to make this piccolo a sturdy one.

  • Grenadilla wood head and body
  • Silver-plated keys
  • Beryllium copper springs
  • Conical Bore
  • Includes Leather on Wood Case

Gemeinhardt 4W Piccolo Overview

Professional sound quality at a reasonable price.

The Gemeinhardt 4W will give you professional quality sound at a reasonable price. Its players have noted its longevity (as long as you take care of it, particularly the wood), its wonderful warm sound, its ease of air control, and playability. It’s why this piccolo is great for piccolo players and doublers, who plan to participate in college concerts.

In the realm of professional piccolos, the Gemeinhardt 4W is set at a really good price. I took into account the positive reviews on the quality of this professional piccolo, as well as its price, and can’t help but think this piccolo is a good value!


  • Easy To Play
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Rich Sound
  • Warm Tone
  • Least expensive of BIG’s professional piccolo choices


  • The innate disadvantages of owning an all wood instrument: Careful maintenance of wood

Customer Reviews

The warmth and response of a 4w...

I went to a local music store/repair shop to send my flute in. While I was there, I tried some wooden piccolos and one of them was a 4w. I was insanely impressed because I got the low d out all the way to a high c And the infamous b natural. The high register was very responsive and the tone was warm but had more color to it. This piccolo produced a bright tonal color all the way to a haunting dark color an alto flute is known for ( this is my opinion).the mechanism was sturdy and was not at all flimsy. It was a well built product and wouldn't mind owning one.

Great instrument! 

Have had this model… about 6-7 years. Played it during college, in symphony and concert bands. Have played it inside and out. Have played at churches and schools. Always get compliments on tone and how in tune it is [in general, not just for a piccolo!]. Am just now having it repadded for the first time. Great instrument. Worth the $. Only Gemeinhardt I've ever played the high Ab without using the second fingering.

...pick this piccolo!

I use the exact same piccolo that my mom bought in high school, and it is this model. Twenty-four years later, it still plays like brand new. I have played on many (many MANY) piccolos, and this one is by far the best. The low notes speak easily and fully, and the high notes are bright without being shrill. The middle range even responds clearly without being fuzzy! As someone else said in their review, vibrato is so easy on this piccolo! Every time I bring it into my "woodwind lady" or anywhere else for a check-up, I get offers to buy it. If you're looking for a piccolo that will last (if you take care of it), plays gorgeously, and is very decently priced, pick this piccolo!

Handcrafting a professional piccolo economically

Gemeinhardt has a reputation of manufacturing their instruments in the masses, consequently, reducing prices as well as quality. However, it would seem they take their professional piccolos more seriously by handcrafting the wood piccolo to detailed specifications and adding strong mechanisms. The result is extremely satisfied customers who rave about its tonal quality and longevity.

Speaking of wood… Yes! You are going to have to take responsibility in maintaining the wood of this piccolo. You should follow the Gemeinhardt’s advice on maintenance, and with a little bit of care and proper upkeep, your all-wood piccolo could last a life time!


The Gemeinhardt 4W is a piccolo that projects a warm, quality tone. It is known to be an easy transitional piccolo due to its ease of air control and playability, making this a great piccolo for those students entering the professional world. You get a lot of bang for quite a smaller buck on this piccolo, driving me to think both you and your student will be extremely pleased with this piccolo.

The fine qualities and affordable price point of the Gemeinghardt 4W piccolo earn it a BIG 5.0 stars!

BIG Rating