Gemeinhardt 4SP Piccolo Review

Gemeinhardt 4SP Piccolo

Gemeinhardt 4SP Piccolo

The Gemeinhardt 4SP is a step-up piccolo for the student piccolo player and makes BIG's list of the top rated intermediate piccolos

The nickel-silver body and head joint of the Gemeinhardt 4SP is sturdy and will hold up well outdoors. This piccolo also projects well, a must for outdoor playing, and as such is often used for Marching Band.  

The Gemeinhardt 4SP is an inexpensive piccolo at the intermediate level, which means if your piccolo prodigy decides to become a professional piccolo player, you will have some money left over to purchase his professional one!

BIG Rating


Your student might like the fact that this piccolo is nickel silver-plated. A desirable trait for the marching band players, the nickel silver-plated body will maintain its shape and sound in most environments. There are no worries of it cracking from humidity, like its wood brothers might.

  • Beryllium copper springs
  • Conical bore
  • Head Joint Straight and Silver-Plated
  • Body Nickle Silver-Plated
  • Keys Silver-Plated

Gemeinhardt 4SP Piccolo Overview

Quality Piccolo at a Reasonable Price

You might be interested in buying this piccolo for the student whose skill needs an upgraded piccolo but the pricey-ness of an intermediate piccolo is an issue. Most often, middle school band students will transition to high school knowing whether or not they are going to join the high school marching band. The skilled student-flutist might be asked by the band instructor to add a piccolo to their musical repertoire but is unsure if he is going to take it to the next level. For the skilled hand, a student level piccolo will only frustrate him with the advancing technical pieces he will receive. This piccolo might be your answer without breaking the bank. The Gemeinhardt 4SP is a sturdy, good sounding piccolo for its price.

Built with student in mind.

Just like flutes, the silver-plating warms the piccolo’s tone without the expense of buying a sterling silver piccolo. The beryllium copper in the springs are known for its strength (and inexpensiveness), making this piccolo’s springs tough enough to withstand the burdens of marching band season. The Gemeinhardt 4SP also features a conical bore that produces a nice tone and powerful sound.


  • Sturdy nickel silver-plated
  • Sturdy Springs
  • Conical bore
  • Inexpensive


  • Reports of minor part issues
  • ​Primarily for outdoor playing
  • ​All metal piccolos are known to produce a shrill sound

Gemeinhardt 4SP Piccolo Sound Check

Woodwindian Joe provides a sample of what the Gemeinhardt 4SP Piccolo sounds like in the quick video demo below...

Customer Reviews

Very good piccolo, worth your time and money...

Not only is this piccolo beautiful, it plays very well. Vibrato comes easier on this piccolo than many other metal ones, and it's easy to play those notes in the exosphere too. So far it’s served as a cheaper alternative to the Yamaha YP-30, and in my opinion it looks nicer too (with the oval hand placement plateaus.) A wooden piccolo is always a better choice for indoor band and orchestra, but if money is an issue this is a good alternative.

I love this piccolo!

I am a senior in high school and have had my 4SP since the seventh grade. It plays beautifully, and I have used it in just about every setting- concert bands, marching band, symphonies, you name it. Mine has endured four years of marching band in the Arizona heat and still works like it was brand new. I love the tone quality and dynamic range I can get from this instrument. This is a great piccolo for high school students who are serious about playing. I definitely recommend this piccolo!

Some complaints but overall a great piccolo.

The Gemeinhardt 4SP is a mass produced instrument and with that comes a lack of attention to detail. Little things like pads falling off or springs breaking are periodically reported by customers. But overall, the vast majority of customers only have good things to say.  In particular that it is easy to use, produces precise intonation, and is versatile, being used interchangeably between marching band and concert band. Bottom line you get quality where it counts, in its durability and quality of sound.


The Gemeinhardt 4SP is a quality intermediate piccolo at a good price. This piccolo can withstand the burdens of seasonal marching band and still produce precise intonation for concert scenarios. You may find some faults in some minor details, like padding attachments, but these things are inexpensive to address. The Gemeinhardt 4SP only comes in nickel-silver so this piccolo is best suited for marching band.

This a quality, intermediate piccolo for its price and gets a BIG 4.5 stars.

BIG Rating