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Reviews of the best student, intermediate and professional flutes for sale today.

How to Choose the Best Flute Headjoint

The headjoint is responsible for the tonal color, flexibility, and dynamic response of a flute and is often referred to as the most integral part of the flute. Flute headjoints come with many different variations that will affect both quality of sound and price. It comes in range of metals and wood choices: Silver Plated, […]

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What are the Best Flute Stands?

The Best Flute Stands are sturdy, stable and ease to use.  Protect your investment with a quality stand. There are many flute stands on the market and picking the best one depends on where and how you intend to use it. Listed below are some the best flute stands available today based on overall quality and […]

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Haynes Custom Soldered Silver Flute Review

Haynes flutes are world renown for their legendary silky legato sound. The Custom Silver model with soldered toneholes is handcrafted to your specifications. Available with a variety of precious metal and headjoint options, this professional graded flute will meet your every need.

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Altus 1507 Flute Review

The Altus 1507 flute is a solid (Britannia) silver flute that uses the Altus/Bennett scale to deliver offer a more precise scale along with excellent hand craftsmanship to meet the needs of a skilled professional.

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Miyazawa Vision Flute Review

The Miyazawa Vision Flute is designed for the aspiring flutist and professional. The Miyazawa Vision flute’s advanced ergonomic design and ground breaking Brögger Pinless Mechanical System sets this flute aside from other high end flutes. A handmade flute with Britannia silver headjoint, body, and footjoint, the Miyawaza Vision flute is highly customizable to meet your personal style.

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