Getting the Right Student Flute for Your Child Can Mean the Difference of Playing for a Few Weeks or a Lifetime 

There are many student flutes on the market and picking the one that is best for your child depends on a number factors such as student age, how long they have been playing and to a certain extend how much longer you think they may continue to play. Listed below are some the best student flutes available today based on overall quality and price.

LJ Hutchen Silver

Best Value

Price: $

  • ​Great Starter Flute
  • Built Tough
  • Good Quality

Gemeinhardt 2SP

Most Popular

Price: $$

  • ​Excellent for Middle School
  • Teacher Favorite
  • High Quality

Yamaha YFL-221

Most Recommended

Price: $$

  • ​For Dedicated Students
  • Trusted Brand
  • Excellent Quality

Things to Consider When Buying a Student Flute

How old a student is should be consider when buying a student flute. A full-sized flute may be too big or difficult to play for a young or small child and could discourage them from playing. How durable, repairable and up-gradable a flute is should also be considered, along with it's re-sale value. We'll discuss each of these below along with recommendations for specific flutes you might consider for your child or student.