Etude ETB-100 Trombone Review

Etude trombone review

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The Etude ETB-100 Trombone is one of the most popular student trombones in the market at the moment. It is strong and sturdy but most importantly, it offers a very good playing experience especially for the beginner.

For most students, buying the right trombone can be a huge hassle. In most cases, it is always better to consider an easy to play trombone that will give you a pleasant experience. When you look at the Etude ETB-100 Trombone it has virtually everything you would want in a beginner trombone.

The Etude ETB-100 scores ​BIG 4.4 stars and makes our list of the best student trombones

  • Features
  • Specifications

The Etude ETB-100 Trombone has a number of innovative features that complete its design and overall performance as a beginner trombone. The following are some of the major features to look out for:

  • Features a 495” bore for quality and easy tone generation
  • Chrome coated inner hand slide tubes
  • Case and mouth piece that are strong
  • 8” hand hammered brass bell which is yellow
  • Outer crook and hand slide made of brass
  • Design that is strong and sturdy
  • Tone production that is vibrant and consistent 

Etude Trombone ETB-100 Overview

Specifically Designed for Beginners

The Etude ETB-100 trombone is specifically designed for students and beginners and is very affordable. The ETB-100 trombone also has some notable features that make it a great choice for students looking for a solid and decent trombone that won’t really cost a lot of money.

Beautiful Finish and Durable Too

The first thing you notice about the ETB-100 is it's beautiful gold lacquer finish.  A nice looking instrument helps inspire confidence in young players.  Notable features of the ETB-100 include a counter balance on the back of instrument to make it easier for a young student to hold and heavy-duty bracing to make it durable.   A slide locks holds the slide in-place while not in use, helping to protect it. The ETB-100 comes complete with a mouth piece and hard-shell case to protect the trombone on the way back and forth to school (no small feat!).

Cheaper Then Renting For A Year

The Etude ETB-100 trombone costs less then renting an instrument for a year.  So if you have a grade-school or middle school student that is just starting out the ETB-100 is a good option to test the waters.


  • Affordable price
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Very easy to play
  • Overall look and finish is impressive


  • Tone production is limited
  • Will need set-up instrument for high school and beyond

Etude ETB-100 Trombone Video Review

Customer Reviews

The Etude ETB-100 trombone is an Amazon best seller with over 70 five-star reviews.  Here's what a few customers had to say...

Looks good. No problems so far

Looks good. No problems so far. Band teacher recommended this product before we purchased as a good starter trombone.

Good For The Money

This is actually a good Trombone for the money. We had only a couple issues with it. It was slightly loose where the slide connects to the main body. Also, the case is somewhat cheaper and has a small storage compartment. My concern is longevity. Otherwise, this Trombone has great sound and playability.

Great budget horn

Bought this for my ten year old as a learning horn. It is fantastic. Affordable, and the teacher at school loves it. We will replace it down the road if she sticks with it, but you can't go wrong with this horn.

Comparison to Other Student Trombones

If you are concerned about the quality of the Etude ETB-100 trombone there are a number of quality alternatives available.

Take for instance the Yamaha YSL-354 Student Trombone, it has better tone generation, impeccable durability, and is very easy and fun to play. It costs considerably more but is arguably the best student trombone on the market. If you are looking for something that is equally better and affordable to the Etude brand, take a look at the Prelude TB711 Student Trombone. The cost variation is not as big and the two trombones offer nearly the same features.


The Etude ETB-100 Trombone is a perfect choice if you are looking for the perfect mix of value and affordability. The trombone comes at a very good price and has very innovative features. For a beginner, it is perhaps the most ideal trombone to choose.

The tone generation quality, the ease of playing, and the overall durability are some of the main factors that make the Etude ETB-100 Trombone an excellent choice. Although there are better, more expensive brands in the market, if you are tight on cash or perhaps you feel you don’t need an expensive trombone for a beginner, then this is the trombone for you.

Based on overall quality and value the Etude ETB-100 gets a BIG 4.4 stars!

BIG Rating