Emerson Boston Legacy Piccolo Review

Emerson Boston Legacy Piccolo

Emerson Boston Legacy Piccolo

The Emerson Boston Legacy piccolo is an American manufactured professional piccolo. Known for setting high standards, Emerson employs artists and crafters alike to achieve optimum sound and affordability in their instruments.

This piccolo is a good fit for those serious college students who demand an artist quality piccolo with sweet, dark sounds. An industry leader in its price range, the Emerson Boston Legacy is a professional piccolo for the college students’ skilled hands.

The fine quality and reasonable price point of the Emerson Boston Legacy earn it a place on  BIG's list of the best professional piccolos and a BIG 5.0 stars!​

BIG Rating


The Emerson Boston Legacy piccolo is handmade with a Grenadilla wood body and headjoint.

  • Grenadilla head and body
  • 10K gold springs
  • Bubble-style headjoint
  • Silver-plated Nickel Silver Mechanism
  • Conical Bore

Emerson Boston Legacy Piccolo Overview

Emphasis on quality.

The Emerson Boston Legacy piccolo has more professional quality feature than similar piccolos within the same price range. Emerson found it necessary to add these upgrades to produce its own distinguished, quality sound, placing Emerson at the higher end of its price range.

This piccolo is for perfect for conservatory students or professionals, who are also looking for artistic capabilities. The upgrades allow projection, tonal color variety, and clear-cut resonance; all qualities professional players look for in an instrument.

Grenadilla wood is an industry standard.

Once again we see the Grenadilla wood being used in both its head joint and body, which is an industry standard for professional piccolos. Its brother, The Boston Legacy Ironwood piccolo, is known to have a sweeter and lighter sound than the Grenadilla wood; the ironwood, however, does come at a higher price. I would think the Grenadilla wood will do just fine in college orchestra (and save yourself some money while you’re at it).

Gold springs enable a fine touch.

The Emerson Boston Legacy features 10K gold springs…an upgrade from stainless steel! The higher quality gold alloy mean a softer spring but a faster and artistic response. With that softer spring better come a very skilled hand, because if you are less than serious about playing, those soft springs will only frustrate the amateur player.


  • Reputable quality
  • Precise intonation
  • Artistic capabilities


  • 10K gold springs for the skilled hand only
  • ​Recently discontinued by manufacturer

Customer Reviews

...it is the most fantastic piccolo for my playing.

I have owned and played a Boston Legacy for a little over 6 years now and it is the most fantastic piccolo for my playing. To start off I play flat, I always have which usually meant I had to strain to play my higher register in tune, not on this bad boy. After I found my happy spot when tuning it was clear sailing! Another thing I love is that in that 6 years I have not had to get anything fixed or replaced, not even once! And I take all my instruments in annually to get a "check-up" I was a music performance major for piccolo, and though I gave up being a professional musician I am still extremely loyal to my Emerson Boston legacy, I simply love it!

Emerson Boston Legacy is the best...

Emerson Boston Legacy is the best wood piccolo in the price range.

...am in love with it!

I have played a Boston Legacy for several concerts, and am in love with it!

Emerson Boston Legacy discontinued but still available!

​Emerson recently discontinued the Boston Legacy piccolo series much to the dismay of many rabid fans of the instrument. New Boston Legacy piccolos will be only be available while supplies last! However, this highly acclaimed piccolo is very popular and isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. There are also plenty of used Emerson Boston Legacy piccolos to be bought, and most professional repair shops are willing to help you with any repairs and to find discontinued parts.


The Emerson Boston Legacy was designed with detailed attention and methodically crafted with fine materials. Emerson sought artists and crafters who know and meet the demands of musicians who seek reliability, exact intonation and a sweet sounding tone. As a result, the Emerson crafters created one fine instrument. If you are in need of a professional quality piccolo and are looking for  piccolo that can meet your artistic demands, the Emerson Boston Legacy piccolo is for you.

The fine craftsmanship and rave reviews earn the Emerson Boston Legacy piccolo a BIG 5.0 Stars! 

BIG Rating