Di Zhao Grenadilla Piccolo Review

Di Zhao Grenadilla Piccollo

Di Zhao Grenadilla Piccollo

The Di Zhao DZP-201 is a high quality instrument crafted from Grenadilla wood at a very reasonable price.  The fine craftsmanship and affordable price tag land the the Di Zhao Grenadilla Piccolo on BIG's list of the best intermediate piccolos.

What stands out most about the Di Zhao 201 is that the headjoint is hand cut and handcrafted, a characteristic that is ordinarily only found in professional instruments.

The Di Zhao Grenadilla piccolo is designed primarily for indoor use, making it a perfect fit for symphony playing. I would consider buying this intermediate Piccolo if I had a talented college bound piccolo player or an emerging professional piccolo player on my hands.

BIG Rating


The Di Zhao 201 is all Grenadilla wood, complete with premium Pisoni pads and silver risers.

  • Grenadilla wood produces a quality woodsy tone
  • Hand-cut Wave Style Headjoint provides full sound and ease of play
  • Pisoni pads are high quality, reliable and solid performing
  • Silver-plated mechanisms are durable and well made
  • Split-E mechanism improves response of high E

Di Zhao Grenadilla Piccolo Overview

Grenadilla wood seasoned for durability.

Achieving the traditional sounds of a piccolo, Di Zhao crafts the DZP-201 out of the venerable Grenadilla wood. Grenadilla however is prone to cracking in fluctuating temperatures and humidity. Di Zhao takes precautions to limit the wood’s fragility by selecting premium, treated Grenadilla, which is then seasoned to resist changes in the piccolo’s environment.

Handcrafted headjoint provides excellent sound quality and ease of play.

The Di Zhao 201 comes with a handcrafted head joint, a feature often found only in professional instruments. Under Di Zhao’s instructions, this handcrafting of brings a higher level of custom detail, made to achieve smooth key action, fast response, and pristine resonance. All piccolos are tested and adjusted by Di Zhao’s top professional piccolo crafters in the U.S. before hitting the stores. Hand-cut head joints with undercuts and overcuts make the sound quality full and easy to play.

Fine craftsmanship and even scale.

Along with handcrafted head joint, this intermediate Piccolo has an even scale and a quality silver-plated mechanism, making it easy to play. This is an ideal piccolo for any flutist and piccolo player at the advanced level.

Premium Pisoni pads come standard.

Pisoni pads of Italy are a quality plastic wrapped skin over dense felt. These pads are considered of premium quality, and are sought for high-end professional instruments to the advanced student instruments. Pisoni pads are a reliable and solid performing industry standard.


  • Handcrafted
  • Quality materials
  • Beautiful woodsy Sound
  • Easy to play
  • Excellent value


  • Sensitive to temperature & humidity changes
  • ​Not ideal for marching band

Customer Reviews

The Di Zhao Grenadilla wood piccolo is a superb instrument...

...and, in my opinion is far superior to wood piccolos that are much more expensive. The tone and intonation on the Di Zhao Grenadilla wood piccolo is exceptional. I will continue to recommend these fine instruments to my students and colleagues…. Di Zhao flutes and piccolos are definitely ones that all serious students of the flute should keep an eye on!

...these are getting a LOT of excitement form pros and teachers of advanced students!

I just attended the National Flute Association convention in NYC this weekend. If you have a grand - get the Di Zhao wooden piccolo! He worked for Haynes and Powell and these are getting a LOT of excitement form pros and teachers of advanced students!

In my opinion, these instruments are unsurpassed in craftsmanship...

When I heard about these flutes from an acquaintance, I called Di Zhao flutes in Boston to try out these instruments. In my opinion, these instruments are unsurpassed in craftsmanship and tonal quality for the price, both for the beginner and the advanced performer.


If your college bound student is in the market for a professional-like piccolo, the Di Zhao DZP-201 Piccolo would make a good purchase. The attention to detail, response in keys, and the desirable woodsy tone make this intermediate piccolo sing like a professional one. The Di Zhao 201 is crafted from fine Grenadilla wood, and has premium Pisoni pads and silver risers, all of which come standard. Hard to find in a quality intermediate piccolo!

The Di Zhao 201 sets a new standard and value for an intermediate, all Grenadilla wood piccolo, and gets a BIG 5.0 stars!

BIG Rating