Conn 88H Trombone Review

Conn 88H review

Conn 88H Trombone

BIG Rating

The Conn 88H is a very popular professional grade trombone and a favorite for professional players around the world. There are a number of reasons that actually put the trombone above the rest. Although it’s expensive, it is definitely a very good option especially if you are looking for a quality and fulfilling playing experience.

The 547” bore with an open wrap F attachment combines well with the 8.5” bell to produce the perfect intonation and sound. The trombone is also light, very durable and so easy to play.

The Conn 88H gets a BIG 5 stars and makes our list of the best professional trombones.

  • Features
  • Specifications

The Conn 88H Trombone comes with a number of notable features that would give any professional trombone player an exciting experience. Here are some of the major specs to look out for in the professional trombone.

  • Light design which is easy to hold and play
  • The hand slide is strong, and light at the same time offering the perfect mix of strength and ease of movement.
  • The trombone comes with a Conn 5G mouth piece.
  • The F attachment comes with a standard rotor which does well to prevent resistance leading to a better playing experience.
  • Finished in silver lacquer.

Overview of the Conn 88H Trombone

Reliable Trombone

The Conn 88H Trombone also offers a Conn 5G mouthpiece and a sturdy carrying case as bonuses features. Getting a quality professional trombone is easier said than done, but if you are looking for something reliable that delivers then the Conn 88H Trombone is defiantly worth considering.

Quality Trombone

Its quality definitely comes at a price but it’s always reasonable to spend some good money on a topnotch trombone. Besides, the cheaper versions available in the market at the moment cannot match the superiority of the Conn 88H. In case you are not willing to compromise on quality, don’t forget to take advantage of the Conn 88H Trombone. The trombone is relatively versatile and is not limited to any specific performance. Anything simply goes with the Conn 88H.


  • With a 547” bore and an additional F attachment you get the most unique and high quality sound from the trombone.
  • The overall build has also shown some really good abilities.
  • Very light especially the hand slide.
  • The overall durability of the trombone it’s also worth mentioning.
  • Delivers impeccable sound.
  • The versatility of the Conn 88H is something you may also want to take advantage of.
  • It doesn’t matter the kind of register you want to play in, the powerful sound features of the Conn 88H Trombone will definitely give you that opportunity.


  • The Conn 5G mouthpiece is definitely a very good option but when you start playing in high registers, you may need to get a different mouthpiece.

Customer Reviews

Great horn...

Most people looking at orchestral trombones are deciding between a Conn 88H or a Bach 42b. Unless you run into quality control issues than it is hard to go wrong with either. There are differences though. The Conn 88H is a much more responsive horn while the Bach 42b is a much more solid horn. There are times I wish I had the solid sound of the 42b but by far most of the time I'm happier with the more responsive 88H. I have the plain 88H. When I was in the market I tried every horn I could get my hands on and the one that played best was a plain 88H. Trombonists say the thin belled version 88HT is closer in sound to the highly coveted Elkhart 88H's of old. I'm not sure the open wrap version 88HO is necessary. Closed wrap Bach 42b is rather tight in the f-attachment and noticibly stuffy. Conn 88H on the other hand has a pretty free f-attachment. On the 42b open wrap helps open the horn up a lot but on the Conn which is already pretty free it doesn't seem to help much if at all.


The Conn 88H Trombone is one of the best high-end professional trombones in the market. It delivers a very powerful sound, impeccable playability, and of course long lasting service. The versatility of the trombone is one of the major factors that really make it a perfect choice. You can use it to play any register, any style, and of course any gig. It is an ideal and versatile professional trombone that definitely delivers impeccable superiority. 


Based on the overall quality of the design, it deserves a 5 star rating.

BIG Rating