Bundy BPC-300 Piccolo Review

Bundy BPC-300 Piccolo

The Bundy BPC-300 is a superb choice for the beginner student to high school student and makes BIG's list of the best student piccolos. This piccolo is a step-up from the cheap mass manufactured kind and will last during your youngster’s entire school years.

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A combination of a silver-plated headjoint and ABS resin body in the Bundy BPC-300 provide the durability needed in a student piccolo yet produces a warm tone.

  • Silver-plated headjoint and keys
  • ABS Resin Body produces warm tone
  • Fish Skin Pads long lasting and tight fitting
  • Specifications
  • Key: C
  • Headjoint Material: Nickel Headjoint
  • Finish: Silver-plated
  • Body Material: ABS Resin
  • Key Material: Nickel
  • Key Finish: Silver-plated
  • Special Feature: Split E Mechanism
  • Pads: Premium Double Fish Skin
  • Screws: Stainless Steel
  • Case: Wooden case with velvet lining

Silver-plated headjoint good choice for students.

The silver-plated headjoint is usually seen as a plus, altering the sound of a piccolo for the better. At a beginners’ and students’ level, there really is no need for a sterling silver headjoint. Silver-plating produces a silky sound just like a sterling silver headjoint would. The only downfall of the silver-plated headjoint is the silver can wear away after time. By the time this happens to your student’s piccolo, it’s most likely time for him to upgrade to an intermediate or professional piccolo, anyway.

ABS resin body produces warm tone.

Bundy uses ABS Resin (a special resin for moldings) for this piccolo’s body. It not only improves the durability factor but is also known to “warm” the tone of the piccolo for indoor use.

Fish skin pads last longer.

Fish skin pads are a preferable choice. These pads are a double layer of fish bladder tissue that covers a felt pad. It lasts longer and fits more tightly to the tone holes than its felt pad counterpart. Today, you will find most quality instruments will feature fish skin or a “double bladder” fish skin pad.


  • Moderate (Student Level) Price
  • Durable Materials and Mechanisms
  • Ease of Play
  • Overall Great Value
  • Good and Standing Reputation


  • Silver-Plating Can Wear Away
  • ​Only Student Level Players
  • Cleaning Cloth Provide Is Too Big

Customer Reviews

For years Bundy has used new materials to bring quality, durability and affordability to their instruments without sacrificing sound. You will find hardly any, if any, complaints and the reviews throughout the web will show you how pleased their customers are. Bundy has recognized the need for a quality instrument at an affordable price, and subsequently, has become one of the most popular names in the student-band industry.

Great Piccolo!

This piccolo is really good! Here's a few pointers though. 1 After a while you need the cork grease to set into the cork because it's tough at first, but does well in a week. 2 A few notes on mine were a bit sharp, but that's normal on most piccolos. 3 The cleaning rag is WAY too big to fit into the bore so toss it. 4 The pads are well done there's no sticking. 5 the tone's just beautiful even in the wispy lower register. Altogether it is a really great piccolo. 5 stars

Georgia (USA)

Great Product!

I've been playing flute for 6 years, and piccolo for about 2 or 3, so I'm pretty comfortable giving this piccolo a review, although I'm not an expert. Compared to my last piccolo (also a Bundy), the tone color is warmer and richer. It's quite easy to play also. The Ab key is a bit larger (like my other piccolo) so it's easier to reach with the pinky, for an ease of use. The notes are very clear, even if you go high, and the pads don't stick either. It still plays great even if it's raining outside, and has good tone color inside. This piccolo is great, and I would definitely recommend it. 5 stars

Pennsylvania (USA)

Bundy Works!

Very clear sound, super instrument, a lot nicer in person than in the pictures too. If you are looking for a decent but reasonably priced instrument rather than just a cheap instrument, this would be a good one to pick and worth the slightly higher price. 5 stars

Arizona (USA)

Not the Cheapest Student Piccolo, but Worth It!

This durable piccolo has quality sound and is versatile for both indoor and outdoor playing. The mechanisms are well crafted, making the instrument easier to play, which in return, reduces new student frustrations. Bundy uses stainless steel mechanisms, durable nickel within the body of the headjoint, and has added fish skin pads to ensure a better seal on tone holes. The complaints of this piccolo are essentially non-existent (none that I could find). While this student piccolo isn’t the least expensive student piccolo, it may be worth the little extra money to spend on your budding piccolo player.

Bundy provides a cleaning cloth with your purchase, as well as a small supply of joint grease. There have been some criticisms the provided cleaning cloth is too big for this small piccolo and the small tub of grease will get you through the first week. I would suggest, while you’re purchasing your piccolo, to add these things to your basket.


The Bundy BPC-300 would be a worthwhile piccolo for your band student. Designed to bring quality as well as affordability, the Bundy BPC-300 has become one of the most popular student piccolos in the student-band world. Their attention to function and detail provides ease of play for the new student, making playing more fun, while taking it easy on the purchaser’s wallet. 

The Bundy BPC-300 is a great buy and gets a BIG 4.0 stars!

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