Bulgheroni Como Piccolo Review

Bulgheroni Como piccolo

Bulgheroni Como Piccolo

The Bulgheroni Como is an instrument for the artisan piccolo player. Bulgheroni goes through a painstaking process to style high-quality piccolos that not only produce accurate intonations but also yields a melodic, harmonious sound. After all, the Bulgheroni Company has been dubbed, “The Voice of Music.”

It takes a talented and artistic flautist/piccolo player to command this piccolo. If that describes you then the Bulgheroni Como piccolo will exceed your expectations.

The fine craftsmanship of th​e Bulgheroni Como piccolo earns it a spot on BIG's list of the best professional piccolos and demands a BIG 5.0 stars! 

BIG Rating


  • ​Grenadilla wood body and headjoint produces concert quality sound
  • Split E mechanism ensures reaching all 3 octaves with ease
  • Thermally treated stainless steel springs are responsive and comfortable
  • Skilled craftsmen guarantee care and attention to the fine details
  • Handcrafted in Como, Italy

Bulgheroni Como Piccolo Overview

Thermal treatment of stainless steel springs enhances responsiveness.

Bulgheroni employs the strength of stainless steel springs to its piccolo. But the technicians know tough stainless steel springs can mean a loss of key responsiveness, a huge disadvantage for the professional player. To obtain a softer, more responsive and comfortable action of mechanism, Bulgheroni applies an exclusive thermal treatment to the stainless steel springs.

Computer-aid design of keys ensure precise molding and placement.

Bulgheroni uses modern technology for precise key moldings and placement. Each single key is designed on the computer and then inserted virtually in the mechanism. It is then checked for function and intention. To keep costs at bay, Bulgheroni uses nickel-silver keys and mechanisms. The company understands that silver-plating can wear away after time, but addresses these concerns by adding another thick layer of silver on the nickel keys.

Quality padding ensure proper sealing and less maintenance.

Bulgheroni believes that careful, quality padding is fundamental in reducing the amount of a player’s trips to the repair shop and adds quality padding to the Bulgheroni Como.

Finest wood and controlled manufacturing environment ensure high quality instrument.

Bulgheroni seeks out the finest woods in the world to craft their piccolos. Grenadilla wood is a standard in concert playing. This company takes the long and natural process of seasoning its all-wood body by working in a laboratory that is temperature and moisture controlled.


  • Expressive Playability
  • Precise Workmanship
  • Quality Mechanisms
  • Affordable


  • Not as well known in US

Customer Reviews

It is definitely worth it to own a Bulgheroni piccolo!!!

I was looking for a piccolo after a year of playing the flute. After searching on the internet, the only known possible piccolo brands were Yamaha, Powell, Hammig. But among the lot, only the Yamaha were the affordable ones but I heard that Yamaha is still not at the top end. I almost went in buying the Hammig when I googled any piccolo that were cheap and yet excellent. Thankfully, I stumbled across Bulgheroni. I decided to give it a shot. ....Overall, all three register can be played at a range of dynamics, and I was so happy that my conductor complemented me as the "best piccoloist he ever had!!!!!" It is definitely worth it to own a Bulgheroni piccolo!!!

Lesser known but every bit as good.

Information about the Bulgheroni Como piccolo is not as readily available as some other professional piccolos but don't let that sway you from trying one.  Bulgheroni has an excellent reputation for producing some of the highest quality handcrafted instrument and their piccolos are no exception!


Bulgheroni has taken a painstaking process to achieve a professional quality piccolo, at an intermediate’s price. Bulgheroni crafters fashion their piccolos with the use of modern technology. The combination of fine workmanship and technological advances produces a piccolo that brings stability, accurate intonation and expressive playability. The Bulgheroni Company strives to meet the particular demands of the artisan piccolo player.

Bulgheroni has taken great strides to produce an outstanding piccolo, whose quality rivals piccolos twice its price. The outstanding quality and great price of the Bulgheroni Como piccolo earns a BIG 5.0 stars!

BIG Rating