Blessing BTB-1280 Trombone Review

Blessing trombone BTB-1280

Blessing Trombone

BIG Rating

If you are starting to play the trombone for the very first time, then the Blessing BTB-1280 Series Student Trombone is perhaps one of the best choices for you. The trombone is exclusively designed for beginners and offers a wide array of amazing features. Tone generation is not only easy but also very effective.

The trombone is easy to play and is the best way for new learners to freely learn and master the trombone in no time. The trombone is however expensive but even then, it is one of the few in the market that really delivers the perfect playing experience for beginners.

The Blessing BTB-1280 gets a BIG 4.5 stars and makes our list of the best student trombones.

  • Features
  • Specifications

The Blessing BTB-1280 Series Student Trombone is designed for first time trombone player and its features are simply designed to offer the best experience when learning the trombone. Here are some of the major features you can expect to find on the Blessing BTB-1280 Series Student Trombone:

  • Comes with a 500” bore for better tone generation.
  • Features an 8 inch yellow brass bell for perfect sound.
  • Lacquered brass finish for the perfect look.
  • Strong and durable design to withstand any wear during playing.
  • Comes with a hard storage case.
  • You also get a standard student mouthpiece as part of the whole package.
  • Offers superior sound projection in all registers.
  • The trombone is perfectly suited for beginners and is so easy to play.

Overview of the Blessing BTB-1280 Series Student Trombone

Flexibility and Quality Sound

Manufactured by E.K. Blessing, the BTB-1280 Series Student Trombone is a complete and solid trombone that aside from offering flexibility and ease in playing, it produces quality sound. However, what makes it perfect for beginners is the fact that it is not easily damaged and can really last so many years provided it’s well maintained.

Sturdy and Durable

The tone projection is far much better compared to other student grade trombones and most importantly it is strong, durable and long lasting. If you are looking for value, quality and of course durability, the Blessing BTB-1280 Series Student Trombone is definitely the trombone you should go for. However, you will need to change into a bigger mouth piece as you move forward.


  • Perfect beginner experience.
  • The medium size bore makes it easier for young and first time trombone players.
  • Has commendable and superior sound projection features in all registers.
  • Strong and durable design.
  • A strong storage case.
  • A student mouthpiece to make sure you have a complete beginner kit.


  • The mouth piece is relatively smaller.

Customer Reviews

Beautiful Trombone...

‘’We just received this trombone yesterday in perfect condition. It is a beautiful instrument. It came with a hard shell Blessing case and a 12C mouthpiece. It even came with slide grease. My son is a beginner player, so this was the perfect choice and the right price. He blew a few notes yesterday and seemed to sound like the used Jupiter he's been playing. I am no music expert, but I would recommend this product for a beginner player.’’

Awesome trombone...

‘’I got this trombone when I was in the 5th grade and it never failed me. It has a nice, rich, and full tone. This is a beginner trombone and it’s not a trombone you should use for serious play but it’s an excellent student model.’’


When you look at the different student grade trombones available in the market, very few can really compare to the superior performance and features of the Blessing BTB-1280 Series Student Trombone. Although you will need to spend just a little extra to get this trombone, the overall design, the tone generation and the ease of playing makes the Blessing BTB-1280 Series Student Trombone good value for the money you are spending on it.

The trombone is the perfect start for anyone and it’s a very solid option to consider when you are out shopping for a new trombone. Other than that, it is one of the best student grade trombones you can get at the moment.


Based on overall quality and value, the Blessing BTB-1280 Series Student Trombone is certainly worth 4.5 stars.

BIG Rating