Best Trombone Cases – Find the Right One For You

Trombone Cases

Before we take a look at the best trombone cases, we need to cover a few trombone basics, because without knowing what kind of trombone you have, you may not end up choosing the right case to accompany it.

I only know this because of the crazy amount of reviews of people talking about one fundamental problem with their new case; “it didn’t fit their instrument”. I don’t want you to make that mistake, so let’s keep going.

The trombone is a large brass wind instrument, with straight tubing in three sections, ending in a bell over the player's left shoulder and different notes are made using a forward-pointing extendable slide. The trombone fills the range between the trumpet and tuba. In fact, the name “trombone” translates from Italian as “large trumpet.”

The Anatomy of a Trombone

Trombones come in different shapes and sizes. Variations on the tube’s diameter, length, and air pressure allow the trombone to create a wide range of sounds. The major components of the trombone to consider before purchasing are the bell type (giant horn) and the bore style (the size of the inner tube of the slide). Some trombones also include a piece of specialized hardware call an F-attachment. Trombone bells are a major part of the look and sound of this instrument.

Now, let’s match up the kind of trombone you have, so that we can find you the right case.

Types of Trombones

The three most common types of trombone are:

1. Straight tenor

2. Trigger-type tenor (also referred to as F-rotor or F-attachment)

3. Bass trombones

Other kinds include:

1. Alto trombones

2. Soprano trombones

3. Marching trombones

These varieties are less common trombone types, but are still used. So, now let’s cover the three most popular of trombones, plus alto.

Tenor Trombones

The straight tenor trombone is the simplest design, with no tubing inside the main section. The trigger type tenor, or F-rotor trombone has extra tubing within the main loop. It's a straight trombone and the tubing is activated by a trigger. This makes the horn longer, changing its tuning from Bb to F.

Bass Trombones

The bass trombone has a large bell, while retaining the same length as the tenor trombone. It is a larger bore (slide tube diameter) version of the F-rotor trombone that adds a second rotor to extend a deeper sound.

Alto Trombones

Today, the alto trombone has a smaller design and is found primarily in an orchestral setting, often used for a solo, and is pitched higher than the tenor trombone.

FUN FACT! Did you know that the first concerto for the alto trombone was written in 1756, by Leopold Mozart, father to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?

The BEST Trombone Cases and Trombone Gig Bags

If you are reading this article, the chances are you are shopping for a trombone case for yourself, or for someone else. Summarized below are the top five most popular trombone cases and trombone gig bags sold on Amazon and what type of trombone they best fit. I have constructed this list by popularity (how many were sold) and which cases received the best reviews and ratings. All the cases and bags listed below generally range in price from $90 to $200.

Trombone Case

Best Fit



Gator Lightweight Trombone Case

Tenor Trombone w/ F-attachment


Protec Silver Series Trombone Gig Bag

Tenor Trombone no F-attachment


Guardian Featherweight Trombone Case

Alto Trombone


Protec Deluxe Trombone Gig Bag

Tenor Trombone w/F-attachment


Protec MX Series Trombone Gig Bag

Bass Trombone


#5) Gator Lightweight Trombone Case (GL-Trombone-F)

The Gator Lightweight Trombone Case (GL-Trombone-F)

This lightweight trombone case is built to accommodate most tenor trombones with an F-attachment and a bell up to 9".

With a sufficient amount of protection, thanks to the lightweight 600-denier nylon exterior, and plush covered dense foam interior, this case is sure to give you the confidence that the quality of the horn will not be jeopardized under normal circumstances.

It may not protect it from an overzealous baggage handler at the airport, but for normal transportation to gigs or rehearsal, it will get your trombone to your destination without any scrapes or dents.

The Gator Lightweight Trombone Case garners a BIG 4-star rating.

Bonus Features:

  • No-slip rubber shoulder pad
  • Reinforced padded handles
  • Interlocking comfort grip handle
  • Nylon pocket & mesh pockets

#4) Protec C239E Tenor Trombone Gig Bag

Protec C239E Tenor Trombone Padded Gig Bag

Protec's Silver Series Gig Bag for Tenor Trombone (with no F-attachment) features non-abrasive protective padded lining, a tough nylon exterior, large exterior accessory pocket, durable plastic hardware, adjustable shoulder strap, and can be carried as a backpack.

The greatest feature, though, is its weight of just 1.5 kg, making it much easier for smaller children to carry.

The Protec C239E Tenor Trombone Gig Bag gets a BIG 4.5-star rating.

#3) Guardian CW-012-TB Featherweight Case

Guardian CW-012-TB Featherweight Case

The Guardian CW-012 featherweight cases feature high-density foam padding, black plush lining and a nylon DuraGuard cover with zipper. It's lightweight and weighs only 2kg.

This case was made to fit a smaller-sized horn and can accommodate a bell up to 8.5". The CW-012-TB would be a good choice for an alto trombone case, as many viewers complained that it would not fit their larger horns.

The Guardian CW-012-TB Featherweight Case gets a BIG 4.5-star rating.

#2) Protec Deluxe Tenor Trombone Gig Bag

Protec Deluxe Tenor Trombone Bag

This deluxe bag features a rugged ballistic nylon exterior (water and abrasion resistant), has black powder-coated hardware, a roomy exterior pocket with a built-in organizer, 1 inch thick padding, and a convenient shoulder strap.

The Protec Deluxe Tenor is considered by reviewers to be a very spacious case for lots of extra space for additional accessories.

It is an excellent choice to house larger trombones including most tenors with F-attachments and accommodates up to a 9" bell. Of course, smaller trombones will fit too, but may not be as snug as you would like.

The Protec Deluxe Tenor Trombone Gig Bag gets a BIG 4.5 star rating.

#1) Protec MX309CT Bass Trombone Case

Protec MX309 CT Bass Trombone Bag

Protec’s lightweight MX bass trombone case features durable shock-absorbing foam, frame-lined with soft velvet, to ensure a secure fit for your instrument.

The exterior is made of a rugged 600 denier nylon and features a large exterior storage pocket, a small zippered storage pouch, padded handle wrap, custom-made large zippers, and lightweight break-resistant hardware.

It also has built-in backpack straps so you can carry it over the shoulder or on your back as a trombone case backpack.

The interior accommodates bells up to 10.5" and larger triggers, and the slide area is secured by hook and loop straps.

The Protec MX series trombone case is also available for tenor trombones and can accommodate a F-trigger or straight trombone (Model MX306CT).

The Protec MX series of trombone cases get a BIG 5-star rating and are an Amazon Bestseller.

A wise man once said, “If you take care for your weapon, it will take care of you.”  Now to a non-musically inclined person, an instrument may not seem like much of a weapon, but to a musician... it is a sword that pierces the very core of a human’s body, mind and spirit. It divides the emotions, conquers the mind, and erases time. So make sure you get the best case you can afford in order to protect and enjoy your trombone for many years to come!

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