best alto saxophone cases

The best alto saxophone cases are designed to provide security and safety for your instrument. The durability of the case if often overlooked by sax players but plays an essential role when trying to transport the saxophone safely and effortlessly. Cases should be able to withstand all different kinds of wear and tear and be durable and strong enough to protect the instrument inside from sliding around and becoming damaged.

Quick Comparison: Best Alto Saxophone Cases

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Water and Abrasion-Resistance

When saxophonists are looking for the right sax case for their instrument, they pay attention to the materials that line the inside and the materials on the outside. It is common to find a good case that is water and abrasion-resistant which only adds to the overall quality of the case.

Lightweight Design

You will also want to find a sax case that has a lightweight design with different handle and strap options to make it easier to transport the saxophone back and forth.


Finally, let’s not forget about style. A durable case that offers protection and that added style flair is just what any saxophone player needs between home and a gig or practice.

The following are reviews of some of the best selling alto saxophone cases.

Protec alto saxophone max case_rectangular

The Protec Alto Saxophone MAX Case has a lightweight and rigid EPS frame with high-quality plastic hardware and quick lock case closures.

Its dual-corded handle design with padded handle wrap can be tuckedaway.

The molded interior has a plush lining, an accessory storage compartment, and separate neck and mouthpiece compartments.


  • ​Lightweight and easy to carry
  • ​Custom molded zippers that are large and long lasting
  • ​Built-in padded and adjustable backpack straps
  • ​Subway rope handle and molded rubber feet
  • ​Plush lined interior with separate piece compartments
  • ​Abrasion-resistant exterior
  • Hideaway design with thick and comfortable padding


  • Tight fit for the neck of the instrument in the separate compartment
  • Does not stand up well on its own

Protec Contoured Alto Sax PRO PAC Case

Protec alto sax PRO PAC case

The Protec Contoured Alto Saxophone PRO PAC case features a lightweight and shock absorbing wooden frame and includes exterior pockets with ample storage space for smaller accessories.

The exterior of the case is water and abrasion resistant and a shoulder strap is included for easier portability.

Its soft molded interior can accommodate your alto saxophone and has a built-in compartment set aside to hold the neck strap


  • ​Lightweight and shock-absorbing frame
  • ​Durable nylon that is water and abrasion resistant
  • ​Built in organizer and compartments
  • ​Velcro quick-lock feature
  • Roomy exterior pocket
  • Plush-lined interior


  • ​Higher price point
  • Won’t sit upright when the cover is open


After reviewing the best alto saxophone cases, BIG's recommendation is the Protec Contoured Alto Saxophone Case. It comes at a higher price point, but you are paying for high-quality materials and superior construction. The lightweight and shock absorbing frame made of plywood and foam is perfect to secure the instrument and provide protection against all the normal wear and tear that it will experience.

There is a built-in organizer that can hold the neck strap, pens, keys, and other smaller accessories and will keep them away from the saxophone so that they do not scratch or cause other damage to the instrument.

The interior has soft velvet lining and includes a separate compartment to securely hold the neckpiece and mouthpiece and prevent them from sliding around. The Protec case offers a lot more storage options than other models making it possible to carry around accessories and other maintenance items you may need on the go. It is well-built and designed with strength, comfort, and durability in mind.

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