Allora Alto Saxophone (AAAS-301) Review

If you’re looking for an inexpensive but decent student alto saxophone, the Allora AAAS-301 may be what you’re looking for. This student level alto saxophone gets excellent reviews and is good for beginners as well as doublers.

Allora is widely known to have high quality standards for intonation, mechanical reliability, and durability, and due to its low price, buying the AAAS-301 might be a better alternative to renting one.

Allora’s great sound, reliability and affordability will definitely give your student a positive first experience with the alto saxophone!

The Allora Alto Saxophone makes BIG's list of the best student saxophones and gets a BIG 4 stars.

BIG Rating

Highlighted Features

  • Lacquered Brass Body and Neck – Easy maintenance
  • Adjustable Thumb Rest – fit all hand sizes
  • High F# note – noted as easily attained with student alto saxophone
  • Tilting G# key and Bb Tables - designed for an easier reach and secure hold for little hands
  • Includes a molded carrying case, mouthpiece with cap and ligature
  • Specifications
  • ​Grade: Student
  • Key: Eb
  • Body, neck and bell material: lacquered brass
  • Range: to high F#
  • Pads: leather
  • Boosters: plastic

Allora Alto Saxophone Review

Lacquered Brass Finish Easy to Clean

Lacquered brass only requires a soft cloth to rub away fingerprints and dirt, so kids can easily do the cleaning themselves (without being reminded, of course! Eh-hem). 

Designed for Smaller Hands

The Allora AAAS-301 has an adjustable thumb rest and a tilting G# and Bb alternatives, so most little hands can reach the keys. 

Easy to Play

This easy, free blowing alto saxophone has the ability to hit the high F# note and allows the performer to play above high C with the addition of a single key. 

Built Tough

Leather pads are waterproof and plastic boosters won’t bend or break easily, so in the end, the Allora AAAS-301 will save you from going to the repair shop for a few of years.


  • Affordability
  • Quality
  • Durability


  • Quickly grow out of this student alto sax

Allora Alto Saxophone Video Demo

Customer Reviews

This is a great learner instrument.

I was told by a music teacher it was a very nice sax. The price was the same as the used beat up instruments I was looking at in the music stores and pawn shops. My 11 year old loves this saxophone and after a month or two plays several songs. Great buy, great sound. Very satisfied.

...Easy to play and the sound is very good.

My 12 year old son loves this saxophone. He says that is easy to play and the sound is very good. His music teacher is also very pleased with it. The hard case is perfect for use in school.


I am so impressed by this horn. It has great movement, solid sound and is a great looking sax! I bought this for my 12 year old daughter and was nervous on the quality because of the low price. I decided to take a chance and am very glad that I did!! I've played sax for almost 20 years and would recommend this horn for even a serious high school student! It would be a great back up for anyone! 

Is There A Downside To The Allora Alto Saxophone?

The cheaper end instruments will only last a student a few years. At that point you’re either moving up to the intermediate instruments to meet the demands of higher technical music, or becoming best friends with the repairmen at your local music shop! That being said, this alto saxophone is a great buy for a beginner, and if your child doesn’t want to continue, the financial suffering isn’t too painful!


Despite the fact your student may eventually grow out of this beginner’s alto saxophone, the customers of the Allora AAAS-301 are extremely happy with its sound and affordability. This solid alto saxophone will withstand the bumps and bruises of an elementary student and only needs the daily maintenance a grade-schooler can do (getting them do it is another issue!). I do think the Allora AAS-301 offers beginners a quality alto saxophone at a very affordable price!

The Allora Alto Saxphone gets a BIG 4 stars and is highly recommended.

BIG Rating

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